LETTER: Here’s why I’m voting for Presinzano in Hoboken’s 1st Ward council race


In a letter to the editor, longtime Hoboken 1st Ward resident Michael Schreiber explains why he’s voting for Paul Presinzano as his city council representative.

Dear Editor,

I moved to the First Ward in Hoboken for the convenience of being near the PATH without the hassles and cost of living in New York City. 24 years later, I am still here.

Much has changed. Much, but not all. Hoboken politics is still an ego-fueled slugfest that prioritizes the interests of the politicians over the concerns of residents.

Paul Presinzano breaks that mold! Paul is innovative, engaged, and independent. A big part of City Council is showing up. The rest is making a difference when you do. As City Councilperson for the First ward, Paul will do both.

I first met Paul years ago, at a City Council Meeting. Chances are you have met him already too! Long before his candidacy, Paul took the time to listen to others as they described challenges with Hoboken living.

Despite nearly universal ability, shockingly few representatives take the time to truly listen to constituents. Even fewer use the what they have heard to push for solutions.

Since he observes, engages and listens, Paul is extremely fluent in the issues that matter most to First Ward Residents—Noise concerns, rodent issues, street closures, large scale development impacts, pedestrian safety, government transparency, and the list goes on.

Other candidates have single issue expertise, but, Ward 1 needs to be represented well across all issues.

That representation also needs to be independent. The mayor is an impressive fundraiser and has a strong grip on all city levers. By rolling back pay to play rules, he made it easy to channel money into city council races including the first ward.

Paul has not accepted funding from the mayor, his PACs, his employees, or the unions which negotiate with the administration for their members contracts.

His independence has made him a target for the lobbyists that work against the interests of Ward 1 residents.

If you want your First Ward Councilperson to represent you rather than reprimand you; If you want a City Council that promotes independent citizen interests instead of pushes central party-line decision upon you; If you want a candidate who spends his time and energy addressing the full range of Hoboken issues—then please join me in voting for Paul Presinzano for First Ward City Council.


Michael Schreiber
24-year Ward 1 resident

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  1. Rumor has it that city employees (like Nora DeBenedetto and Ken Ferrante) are knocking on doors telling people to vote for Rafi. If anyone tells them that they are voting for Paul, will City Hall retaliate by taking longer to respond to emails or withholding police services?

  2. This seems like a red herring to me. I don’t see anything wrong with City workers campaigning for candidates on their own time and dime, unless they have been unlawfully pressured to do it. They have a 1st amendment right to support whoever they want. In fact, Mayor Bhalla might not have been elected in the first place if then Director Leo Pelligrini hadn’t worked hard vouching for and campaigning for him in 2017.