Count Wiley’s ticket brings huge crowd to Marinero Grill in West New York


Led by Commissioner Count Wiley, the West New York United ticket hosted a packed event at the Marinero Grill last night where they assured victory against Mayor Felix Roque and his slate in the May 12 municipal election.


The packed house, which had at least 300 guests stop in throughout the night, really made their voices heard when Wiley walked out to the center of the dance floor to Queen’s “Under Pressure.”

“Let’s hear it guys, I wanna hear it, ‘cuz I’m excited! Are you excited as me?” Wiley shouted to the crowd on hand. “This is the best team in West New York.”

After firing up the crowd, Wiley introduced the other four members of his ticket, who all spoke passionately to their supporters.

Speaking one-on-one with Hudson County View, Wiley expressed his excitement for the event and his running mates, also stating that he felt Team Roque is taking him lightly.

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