LETTER: Betancourt targeted the WNYPD for political reasons, PBA pres. says


In a letter to the editor, West New York Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) President Thomas Mannion took offense to remarks about the department made by town commissioner candidate Carlos “Chucky” Betancourt at a fundraiser Thursday night


Dear editor,

I am writing in response to comments made by “Chucky” Betancourt at the fundraiser on March 26, 2015 for the West New York United campaign.

I would like to first state that I consider Chucky a friend. The statements made by Chucky at the fundraiser were offensive, irresponsible and disingenuous at best. It was politically convenient to disparage and disrespect the fine officers whom I represent in the West New York Police Department.

The statement, “…the police department in this town will work…,” insinuates that our members do not work now. This statement is disheartening, demeaning and hurtful to every officer who puts on their uniform each day in the face of danger in the “cop hating” climate that has swept the entire nation.

Furthermore, to come from a retired police officer of this department is especially surprising. I can challenge my friend Chucky to put his record against the record of any of our members. I can assure you that scoring political points with salacious sound bites are more important to him now than honor, integrity and loyalty.

I’d also like to address his promise to bring in Special Police cloaked in the guise of fiscal responsibility. The myriad of reasons that this is unsafe, fiscally irresponsible and outright wrong is too many to enumerate.

This is something that our union has fought against for many years while Chucky was an officer in this department. Suddenly, Chucky has a change of heart.

This is not a political debate, but as President of the P.B.A. and an officer of this department for 23 years, and a person who loves this town, I will protect and honor the men and women of this department against anyone who chooses to attack us or denigrate the great job and sacrifices that are made daily to serve this community.

I would only hope that my friend Chucky would reflect on the well-documented hard work that our members have done, and continue to do, for the Town of West New York.


Thomas Mannion,
PBA President


  1. What a joke. All the WNY elite officers just collect a pay check and look for another promotion. Ask Captain Flores to come to work and not just on pay day. WNY PD needs a revamp and now. Political heavy weights and hacks. Crime is out of control and NOT reported. Yea the Clubs on 52st and Bergenline and 61st Van Buren pay well for their protection of prostitution and drug dealing. Be Honest Officer Mannion!
    Those jackass’s at the parking authority do a better job patrolling our town than your PD

  2. The wnypd does a great job . There is no reason to disrespect the officers who protect our town. The town administration is the problem.

  3. Wow those are pretty strong words to our men and women that risk their lives everytime they go to work so we can all live safer….this pretty much sums up what the Wiley Camp thinks of our police officers….nice…..

  4. Fact: Last two posters don’t dare agree with the truth or tell the truth about the WNY PD. They want to be seen as great friends to the Cops. U never know when you might get snagged or pulled over with your weed and or drug dealing.. Right Frank or Danny? Keep playing your game stroking the Cops.

    • Everyone knows Frank Ferreiro is a drug dealer. Why he has never been arrested in West New York is a mystery.

  5. I don’t think they were such strong words. I applaud officer Mannion for defending his people, but let’s get things straight here. Every organization could use some oversight, especially one that uses the illegal tactics that this administration has used the pay for years. The political rhetoric is just that rhetoric. There truly does need to be a change in leadership however. I do not take anything mr. Ferrara says with any legitimacy because of his past behavior in terms of use of illegal substances as well as his miraculous change from being the biggest anti roque person to now talking add he is the next jfk. Truth be told he hasn’t changed or gone out and brought in experts. He is the same person, but the hcdoc has stepped in to save face. And honestly it doesn’t matter who wins, they will need to calm in line like good soldiers for the good of the people, because when you do not you get the result we are l living with today. Complete and utter chaos and despair. The people suffering are not the politicos they are the residents.

  6. Tommy Mannion is one of the most stand up guys in WNY,he will always tell you how it is.Its crazy how blind people can be.You can say all you want about me,none of you pay my bills,I answer only to one person and that is God.I live my life proper in his eyes and thats all that matters to me.Me a drug dealer,that is a joke…You may not like me and you can create and write lies about me but im not running for office or nothing else so its just dirt off my shoulders.Open your eyes just a little and you will see Wiley’s wife is committing election fraud,you see the video of how dumb Choqui is and getting every police officer against him(well not many of them like him to begin with,they know how dumb he is they worked with him for years,helped him write his tickets and all…lol) and soon you will see even more so keep yours eyes open so you dont crash into a wall.Have a great wonderful day……

  7. I am 100% standing behind Tommy Mannion on this one. Most of you idiots who disagree and have something smart to say about Tommy and his men and women of the WNYPD, have no idea what these guys do and go through as cops each and everyday to make sure each and every one of you sleep safely at night. To all of you bashing Tommy and the WNYPD how about you step up to the plate like they do and handle the town they serve and protect everyday, i can assure you that you won’t survive a day in their lives as cops of West New York. So I salute the WNYPD and will forever stand by their side.

    • we should call him Tommy $$$….he is just looking up for his next promotion. What happen to his lawsuit?

      • You think in his many years of being an officer he wouldnt be promoted if he didnt want to be. Very smart man can be at cheif level if he so desired He does what he does cause he considers his officers friends and maybe some not but knows they all risk their lives!! Lawsuit? Is it any of your business what happen , doesnt get resolved in a day dude

  8. first of all “lucky” lets stick to the issue at hand. I would like to say as an old friend of chucky very old friend, may i add, i was supporting him completely. I was going to vote for Wiley 100% after chucky’s absurd comments about a police force in which he worked for has totally swayed my vote. Me and the other many people i had voting for Wiley will no longer vote for him because his political buddy betancourt decided to disrespect the police force. In this time in which the men in blue should stick togther, chucky turned on his own color “blue” and shame on Wiley for letting him disrespect the force. Thank u to wnypd and thank u to tommy for not letting chucky get away with his mind blowing comments.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    first of all “lucky” lets stick to the issue at hand. I would like to say as an old friend of chucky very old friend, may i add, i was supporting him completely. I was going to vote for Wiley 100% after chucky’s absurd comments about a police force in which he worked for has totally swayed my vote. Me and the other many people i had voting for Wiley will no longer vote for him because his political buddy betancourt decided to disrespect the police force. In this time in which the men in blue should stick togther, chucky turned on his own color “blue” and shame on Wiley for letting him disrespect the force. Thank u to wnypd and thank u to tommy for not letting chucky get away with his mind blowing comments.

  10. Shame on betancourt shame on Wiley and shame on anyone that has something to say about wnypd I’m not surprised IDIOTS will always have something to say. Go Tommy because he supports his guys one hundred percent, maybe that’s why he always wins as president. He is the voice when no one else is speaking

  11. It’s such a shame when a stand up guy like Tommy Mannion who has be a w.n.y. Police office for 23 years has cowards making remarks about him. Here is a officer that takes pride of his fellow officers he sticks up for them he stands by there side and they feel the same about him. I guess that’s why he is the PBA president. Here is a guy that had walks for his officers when they were going to be laid off here’s a officers that fights for his guys so when u all are sitting beside ur screen and talking big try living in his shoes n see if you could be half the man he is. Tommy is a officer that many people in West New York want on that call to help them. It’s crazy that people have the nerve to speak of things that have no idea
    You go Tommy you keep doing what you do to bad there isn’t more people like you out there keep speaking because they are listening.

  12. You did it now Count! Count me out as far as voting for you. You couldn’t keep Ralph Kramden’s mouth shut for one more month! He talks down on the only consistent thing in this town, the police! They do a great job and I’d hate to have Blabbermouth in charge of them. Roque has given them a Director they respect and they had a great commissioner. My vote won’t count for the Bus Driver Kramden becoming Police Commissioner! A former cop talking smack about the cops he used to work with? What a tool. He shouldn’t be in charge of a Xerox machine! You lost my vote Wiley because of this clown.

  13. i would like for the Doreen who made the first comment to come clean and tell us who you are….because my name is Dorinne(obviously spelled different) and im very active in this upcoming campaign, people think it was I that wrote it….to set the record straight i am not commenting on the actual post but I want to let everyone know that i worked along side many of our police grew up 3 houses away from the headquarters and have always supported them…i know there had been some detramental events that marred us at one time but that doesnt mean all of them are bad men and women….a police officer goes to work every day knowing that on that day there’s a possibility he or she may not come home but yet they still go in to serve the people….would you do that? i doubt it . and if you think u got them pissed off at me if this was done on purpsoe you are so wrong because they know me and know how much i respect each and every one of them….

  14. Hey Doc Wiley you for sure are losing votes by the minute, and thats counting mine and my family. We will not support the people in your campaign, after make such smart remarks. Your guy chucky got you good on this one, if he can talk bad about the people he’s supposed to be loyal to, whats that say about your whole campaign?……

  15. What a shame. 23 years of service totally unappreciated. Don’t worry, they will miss you when your gone. Both your fellow officers and the citizens of West New York. They will never get another president like you.

  16. some advice for chuckee….not so wise to disrespect the police officers of the town you want to be commissioner of….

  17. Anyone who knows Tommy Mannion, knows one thing. He’s a stand up guy who tells it like it is, like it or not. Also, anyone who’s worked beside him will tell you that when u have to go to battle crime in W.N.Y, u want him by your side. I’ve known him for some 30+ years and can assure you that you will never find a more dedicated officer, and honest person. Anyone who thinks it’s easy being the PBA president, should try walking in his shoes. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to do the rest of his career without having to deal with the extra stress of being the PBA President. He’s in that position because he the best person for it. Over the years, he’s lost so called friends, because he’s willing to make the tough decisions, however unpopular they may have been. Bottom line is they were the best for the majority of his members. Finally, I know for a fact that Tommy Mannion can hold is head high and put it on the pillow at night knowing he does the best he can in representing his members. He will leave the job with a lot more friends than enemies, except for the many criminals he’s taken off the streets of W.N.Y., keeping the citizens safe

  18. Hey Wiley your boy Chunky….i mean Chucky literally just put an end to your campaign and your chance at being Mayor of WNY, had me and everyone i know in town voting for you to see some change in WNY but looks like it’ll be another lovely term for Roque by the looks of it looks like has a more professional campaign. Bad move having Chunky on your campaign….god i keep forgetting his name is Chucky not chunky…

    P.s Salute Tommy Mannion and the rest of the Force in WNY

  19. Hey WNYPD1. Are you a cop? I hear that the police stay out of politics, so if you’re commenting, you didn’t get a Special Detail. Sorry your brown nosing didn’t work, but don’t be disgruntled. Keep your cool and maybe you can try keeping Wiley from rood rage at the next town meeting. See you there.

  20. My name is Jose Portalatn known as josebee, and I am an ex-convicted felon who has great respect to our Police Dept, and their Professionalism is unique that hundreds of other Police agencies lack. This Department surpass above any average score, no questions. The problem here is the Roque Administrations, and his slaves. whom voted for him to keep their school crossing jobs, ect.. As to Mr. Bentancourt, he is a great guy, but like Donald Trump with the Mexican, Mr. Bentancourt unjustly or maybe drunk, wanted to hurt the only best and Professional thing that West New York still has, a hell of a good Police Dept. that even ex-con like me respect. Mr. Bentancourt, Please step behind Mr. Trump line., no offense.

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