Conte, Regalado say they are “proven soldiers” in the LD-31 Assembly race


District 31 Assembly candidates Joe Conte and Ray Regalado guaranteed victory in June by promising more union jobs, raising funds for public school and taxation only on millionaires during the grand opening of their new campaign headquarters.


The running mates believe that they will be the superior picks over HCDO supported McKnight and Chiaravalloti and running mates, Alston and Flores because “we’ve been committed to Jersey City and Bayonne for a long time and we’ve proven to be soldiers in this area” shared Regalado.

Joe Conte also told Hudson County view that aside from his experience and qualifications Angela McKnight will support charter schools in Trenton.

“I believe charter schools are here to destroy unions and I’m here to fight for public funding for schools,” said Conte.

“I love this city but it needs to get better now and I want to improve it, shared Jersey City resident Alfonso Reid, who supports the duo of Conte and Regalado. “I believe they can do the perfect job for this city.”

“Jersey City, and Bayonne as well, needs more dedication from people who have proven track records of this community to be the voice,” said Regalado, adding that he has 100% confidence that they will win in June.

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