Building of Union City laundromat owned by Larry Wainstein issued violation


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco’s team revealed that a laundromat owned by political adversary Larry Wainstein in Union City was issued a notice of violation and order to terminate by the city last week, with a possible $10,000 fine per week, per violation, if the order is not met. However, Wainstein told Hudson County View the business is “operating in total compliance.”

Superwash laundromat

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to a copy of the summons, dated April 28, 3900 Palisade Ave., the location of Superwash Laundromat, “failed to obtain required certificate of occupancy for commercial space.”

The violation is issued to 2909 Investment LLC, which Paul Swibinski, Sacco’s campaign manager, says is the Wainstein company through which Superwash Laundromat is operated.

“Larry Wainstein’s entire campaign has been full of outright lies and now he has been caught red-handed not only endangering public safety by operating an illegal business, but lying about it as well,” Swibinski said in an email.

“The Order to Terminate issued by Union City is proof that Wainstein lied to the media and the voters and further shows that no one can trust anything Lying Larry says.”

At the end of March, the Sacco camp alleged that the business had been operating without a CO for years, though Luis Gutierrez, Wainstein’s campaign manager, said that Superwash did have a CO and the code violations pertained to the apartments above the facility.

In an interview with Hudson County View, Wainstein called it “shameful” that the Sacco camp would go into another municipality to attack a business that’s “up to compliance.”


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