Congressman-elect Menendez to serve as Regional Whip for House Democratic Caucus


Congressman-elect Rob Menendez (D-8) has been selected to serve as the Regional Whip for the House Democratic Caucus after he is sworn in next year.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Menendez was appointed to the position by regional leadership and will work with incoming Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-05) to serve the caucus and the region.

“Our party delivers for the American people when we are focused and united. The next two years will be a challenging time as the GOP will utilize their thin majority to target President Biden and block progress for working families,” Menendez said in a statement.

“I look forward to working with our Caucus and as a part of incoming Whip Clark’s team to move our country forward.”

As Regional Whip, Congressman-Elect Menendez will assist the Democratic Whip in tracking votes of fellow Democrats and in pushing forward the people-focused Democratic agenda and legislative priorities.

“Rep. Elect Menendez is a passionate advocate for working families and is committed to building a stronger, more just economy,” noted incoming Democratic Whip Katherine Clark.

“I’m thrilled he will serve as a Regional Whip, helping House Democrats stop the Republican extreme agenda and build a tomorrow where everyone has the same access to opportunity and success.”

In addition to his appointment as Regional Whip, Menendez was also recently elected by his fellow Members-Elect to serve on the House Democratic Steering & Policy Committee as freshman representative for 2023.

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  1. Not even sworn in yet and already plum assignments. I guess it helps to have a powerful, albeit ethically challenged daddy to grease the skids for you. And I thought we Dems were better than this.

    • No, Dems are not better. They are destroying the country which you will even blind by lies and partisanship discover soon enough. Nancy Pelosi ran the Insurrection mythology endlessly after the Obama and Hillary people ran the Russia Collusion Hoax. Nancy is now discovered as the person blocking security in the Capitol on January 6th while hosting a film crew to follow her around. Yeah, she’s the insurrectionist.

      Now we learn from the Twitter files, the Dems are actual fascists working to destroy American civil liberties with social media. Which may explain why FIB needs 75 years to bury the Seth Rich files they claimed didn’t exist nor never would have since it was a local crime.

      Then there’s all those three letter agency people stacked up in the social media companies working together with FIB and sister agencies to protect the Biden Crime Family and all the treason against America. Keep all the Biden family crimes on that laptop safe and sound but especially secure in FIB lockup.

      Then spy on Rudy Giuliani so you know when to tell Twitter and Facebook to keep on a lookout for a Hunter Biden “operation.” That’s what they told them. Hunter. Because they knew the laptop details were coming out.

      Hey, what did Congressman Menendez spend that 200K in FTX money on again? We know he hasn’t returned it. None of the Dems have.

      • Nice copy/paste of ludicrous gop talking points. Dems aren’t perfect but we’re way better than you.

        Did you think up “FIB” all by yourself or did you get it from Truth (snort) Social?

        • Not copy or paste from any party, mere fact & common sense.
          None of which you can address.

          Did Menendez Jr. return the $200,000 from FTX’s SBF Madoff?
          Show us the list of Dems who returned the looted money?

          Where are all these superior Dems? Name them and the monies returned? The bankruptcy court is waiting.