West New York Police Department promotes five veteran officers, swears in five more


The West New York Police Department promoted five veteran officers and also swore in five more at a ceremony at their middle school last night.

Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Lt. Jackson Perez earned the rank of captain, Sgts. Carlos Mateos and Henry Codina are now lieutenants, while Police Officers Samuel Molina and Yousef Awadallah were promoted to sergeant.

“These officers reflect the outstanding level of talent and commitment commonly found in West New York,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez, who is also the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, said in a statement.

“Congratulations to all the members of our department being promoted, as each of them have done outstanding work and truly earned this honor.”

Additionally, the West New York PD noted that five new officers were sworn in on Tuesday: Brian Castillo, Franklin Castro, Ruben Candelaria, Melissa Veloz, and Cristian Chiriboga.

A town spokesman said that the department now consists of approximately 125 officers and 14 civilians.

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  1. How about they swear to work now? House cleaning needed for this Dept from top down.

    Dept is a disgrace. Just look at the lawlessness on the streets. Ranks filled with incompetent personnel!

  2. Well I’m not replying to Richie Rivera the idiot. But I will say that theDepartment has gone to crap. You have 2 Deputy Chiefs that earn over $500,000 dollars of tax payer money to do nothing. Cabrera doesn’t even sign in like the rest of the department because it’s beneath him. The department is now reactive instead of proactive because they have cameras ! And nobody wants to get I trouble. Also you have 2 horrible people trying to run for mayor and Commissioner. Felix Roque is a BUM why would you elect this guy who was indicted twice by the FBI and just reached out to Cosmo Cirillo to stay out of race then he will hand it over to him later in the future, Roque is Corrupt all the way. Tom Mannion lives in Tampa Florida, he was president of the Police Union and sold out many officers to get what he wants for his selfish self this guy is bad and doesn’t like Spanish people!!!!!! Don’t be fooled! No voten para Estas personas son gente Corupta!!!!!!