Congressman Albio Sires votes in favor of Hurricane Sandy Relief


The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Superstorm Sandy Relief Act earlier this week, which aims to benefit small businesses affect by the natural disaster, a move that is U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) supported. 

Albio Sires


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

House Resolution 208 allows the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) disaster lending initiative to give firms impacted by Hurricane Sandy the opportunity to reapply for a disaster loan from the agency.

After Superstorm Sandy, many New Jersey businesses fought delays and red tape when trying to secure emergency loans from the SBA, and this legislation would give local businesses another chance to apply for assistance.

H.R. 208 was passed unanimously by voice vote.

“I am glad that Congress has voted to support local businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy by providing them with a much needed opportunity for disaster assistance,” Sires said in a statement.

“Hundreds of New Jersey residents are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm, and it is critical that we ensure the Small Business Administration does a better job helping small businesses following catastrophes in the future.”

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    • Dan, you’re the guy that’s hiding. No picture , no last name . Albio’s record speaks for it self as Mayor , as speaker of the assembly in his 1st term, and in Congress . I’m proud and certainly in the majority to give him credit for all he has done for his constituents . So go back in your hole Dan no name and try and make excuses for me giving all the credit he deserves as our elected official over the last 20 years. Your even a poor excuse for a coward.

      • You claim you’re a soldier, Harold Schroeder, yet you broke the Cardinal Rule of ‘leave no one behind’ during your tenure as Exec. Director of WNYPA. Could you live on $9.00 an hour? Why did you sign an agreement with Miralto to sell our 66th Street Parking lot to WNY Future Vision Super Pac fundraiser attendee and Developer George Capodagli that made the Parking Authority and Miralto “partners” in seeing this misguided project through? What is the purpose of WNY Urban Renewall LlC that you and Robert DiVincent Created? When I called the police over an unplated vehicle that had a official business Commissioner Ruben Vargas placard on dash,, why did you call me later that day and tell me not to come to work? I am ashamed you are a veteran
        SFC retired Patrick Cullen

        • Patrick, I guess your a friend of no name Dan the coward but I give you credit for identifying yourself . But I want to clarify some of your comments . As the executive director of the parking authority I never voted on any subject that came before the authority’s board of commissioners and you know that .
          So don’t play dumb and play the political blame game . I’ll match my military service with you anytime in fact I served before you were born and my military record speaks for itself. Now I understand why you did so bad in the election and you had to run as an indenpent because no candidates wanted to be associated with you . Have a good day .

          • I never said you did vote on the Miralto project. Did you raise any red flags about it? I am aware of your military service because you display it(or have displayed it) on your vehicle. I have no knowledge of how you comported yourself when you were in the military. And my original comment does not disparage your military service amd you know that. Once a soldier always a soldier. My point in my original comment and now is that you definitely left very hard working employees behind during your tenure as WNYPA director. A good NCO does not do that, Harold. What is the relationship between WNY Housing Corporation and WNY Urban Renewal, llc? How are you and Robert DiVincent involved?

  1. All that Patrick from a Thief. Hahahahahaha… Evidence is all around and no one acts on it yet.

    The paper trails and Audits are in my possession we will see soon enough if the Authority’s follow up. People are talking we will see soon Pat.

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