North Bergen resident: ‘We won WWII and we can’t win the war on these vans’


Longtime North Bergen resident Vincent Inga pleaded with Mayor Nick Sacco to help enforce more regulations on jitney buses operated by “undocumented people” that “are playing tic-tac-toe with our lives.” 


“Now I see the changing times: Bergenline Avenue is finished. With the vans, why can’t we get it regulated,” Inga, a retired veteran of the Korean War, asked Sacco during the public portion of Wednesday’s board of commissioners meeting.

“Why are we letting these … undocumented people come to our shores, if us [sic] went to their shores, and we won World War II … we can’t go into battle with these … undocumented people? Where’s the strength, where’s the forces that we showed in World War II? We just need a little bit.”

Ina also referenced the death of Angelie Paredes, an eight-month old baby from North Bergen who was killed back in July 2013 after a jitney bus hit a lamppost on Boulevard East, which then fell on Paredes.

The tragic incident spurred “Angelie’s Law,” legislation introduced by Sacco, which increased insurance required for jitney buses, as well as a valid commercial driver’s license.

“After that, we left our guard down. What if we left our guard down in World War II? Hitler would’ve been up here, Japan: we won World War II and we can’t win the war on these vans!” Inga exclaimed.

Sacco responded that there is a system in place to report commuter vans that are driving unsafely.

“There should be a phone number on every van now that people call to complain. If it’s not there, we want people to get the license plate and inform us, and our police, that they got, they saw van ‘this license plate’ without the numbers on them. That’s where we are.”

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  1. He’s absolutely right. They are a menace and aggressive. You can’t expect the public to police this epidemic. The law was passed and it’s now up to law enforcement to police them. Where are the patrols? Don’t let this child die in vain Mr. Mayor.

  2. Ahh little too much drama..first i doubt every driver is the same and avery driver is illegal. .this is almost the same as trump saying all immigrants are the same…what i think they need its a little be of order like a real dispatcher and stuff but talking about this like north bergen residents should fight like this is a war its just an exageration. Relax calm down is not as bad as you see it…i bet his solution is to just eliminate those mini bus ohh please because of some bad drivers not all have to pay for it…hope the mayor be smart enough to do the right thing and not just listen to someone who is mad at some driver and wants to satisfy himself by putting all the other hard working people out off work…calm down geezzz

    • These buses are a disgrace. From the people driving them to the quality and safety of the service. But I guess it is just tax revenue to the town. I am surprised your low expectations in our community.

  3. Seems like you guys are coming at this from a racist perspective. All I know is those mini buses are life savers. If I had to wait for NJ TRANSITS to make it places in the past, I could bet I would’ve been late 4 out of 5 times.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. The only people that complain are the people that don’t use them. Sure some speed and are reckless but you will find that with 1 out of every 3 regular drivers. And who says there all undocumented?