Scarinci draws parallel between deceased Passaic Mayor Semler and Roque


The West New York Board of Commissioners held a moment of silence for deceased former Passaic Mayor Margie Semler, 92, a friend of town attorney Donald Scarinci – who drew a parallel between her and Mayor Felix Roque. 


“In 1993, when she was first elected mayor, she reached out for me, I didn’t know her at all, she was recommended to me,” Scarinci explained at yesterday’s board of commissioners meeting.

“And she took me to lunch. And she quizzed me, I guess for about an hour-and-a-half, about municipal law and the types of things she wanted to do in the city of Passaic as the mayor, and asked me a whole bunch of questions. By the time it was time for coffee, she asked me to be her town attorney,” he recalled.

Scarinci said he nearly fell out of his chair before he accepted the job, given that he had no prior relationship with Semler.

Before standing up for a moment of silence, Scarinci, told a similar story about how he ended up becoming town attorney in West New York in March 2014 – during Roque’s first term in office.

Semler is remembered for her honesty and ability to stand up against corruption, also boasting that she never held one fundraiser while in office (per The Record).

Meanwhile, Roque is currently under indictment for allegedly engaging in a $250,000 bribe kickback scheme with a medical imaging company, with his first pre-arraignment conference rescheduled for later this month.

However, the matter does not seem to bother the residents of West New York, as this was the second board of commissioners meeting in a row where no one in attendance felt it necessary to question the situation – though last month’s meeting occurred just one day after Roque’s mother passed away.

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  1. Donald you are wrong to compare Mayor Semler to Roque knowing them both quit well they are not even in the same league.IF Margie was still here she would let you know that Donald.You never compared them when Semler was alive to defend herself.. you know she is turning in her grave being compared to Roque.Maybe you should compare him to other politicians from Passaic but not MAYOR SEMLER.

  2. >>>> Semler is remembered for her honesty and ability to stand up against corruption, also boasting that she never held one fundraiser while in office (per The Record). >>>

    What a disgrace that Scarinci even mentioned her in the same breath as Roque, the master of dishonesty and corruption, and the king of fundraisers. How disrespectful to draw any kind of parallel between the two.

    Scarinci shows himself over and over again to be an overrated and overpaid hack.

    And I’ll bet that Roque paid the tab for that lunch with the taxpayers’ money, or maybe some of his bribe money.

  3. As for the people of the town not mentioning that Roque is under indictment for the second time, it doesn’t mean that they are not bothered by it. Plenty of people are disgusted that we have an “alleged” criminal and dictator for a mayor but many people don’t even want to be in the same room with him and his garbage. And some people actually work for a living and cannot attend afternoon meetings.

    Maybe the ones in attendance at the meetings are the ones he pays to support him – like the ones who caused a riot at the school board meeting when he was first elected, the ones who were screaming and yelling in Spanish because they’re too lazy or stupid to learn to speak English and don’t even know what’s going on except what he wants them to know.

    They are the same ones who filled up Town Hall with their kids the night of the sign ordinance meeting so citizens and business owners who wanted to speak could not get in. The Roque supporters are the lowest element in this town — just like he is.