CarePoint foundation sets up COVID-19 relief fund to support health care workers


The CarePoint Health Foundation has set up a COVID-19 relief fund to support health care workers during this pandemic, helping employees cover food costs and other day-to-day expenses.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Our CarePoint Health Foundation has established the COVID-19 RELIEF FUND. This fund is designated to relieve some of the strain our hospital employees are feeling during this pandemic while working directly with our patients each day,” wrote CPHF President Paulo Nevoso.

“This fund will help provide financial assistance and other means of support to the families of those loved ones whom the CarePoint family has lost as a result of COVID-19. This fund will also provide gifts in-kind allowing for donations of food and refreshments for frontline staff.”

The CarePoint owners, Vivek Garipalli, Jeff Mandler, and James Lawler, have committed to making a six-figure contribution to the relief fund, a hospital spokesman told HCV.

“I have worked in the community and we really felt the need to give back to the healthcare workers and establish the COVID 19 fund to help them,” Nevoso added.

“There’s no way any of us could get through this crisis without them. We hope past donors and others in the community will support this outstanding cause.”

These interested in contributing can find more information here.

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  1. Are you kidding me ? Health care workers and cops and firefighters are the highest paid in the country in New Jersey !!!…A simple Google search can prove that. I once went to the North Bergen Hospital and they billed my insurance $8,000 for an IV and a chest x- ray and then try to hit me with a co pay bill !!!… Come on John, get on the ball or I will start my own news website. Lets tell the truth.

    • Given that this is a pandemic, almost every institution is bleeding money right now. That said, no one’s forcing anyone to do anything, you can easily just choose to keep it moving and not donate. No really debate of truthfulness. And FYI the hospital in North Bergen isn’t part of the CarePoint network.