Bayonne first responders rescue dog who jumped into Newark Bay, owner who tried to save him


Bayonne first responders rescued a dog who jumped into the Newark Bay from the bulkhead at Stephen R. Gregg Park, as well as his owner who tried to save him, earlier this afternoon.

Facebook photos.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Brody, a friendly Rottweiler, unexpectedly took a dive into the bay, despite the frigid temperature, and his owner quickly went in after him, Mayor Jimmy Davis wrote on his Facebook page.

“A Bayonne police officer on patrol was flagged down and instantly a rescue effort was underway. Members of the Bayonne Police, Bayonne Fire, Hudson County Sheriff, McCabe Ambulance, and Bayonne OEM were on scene and able to pull both Brody and his owner to safety,” he continued.

“First off, I want to say how happy I am that both are safe, and I want to thank our brave first responders for their quick action and always working so hard to keep Bayonne safe!”

In the comments section, Pat Garcia expressed his appreciation for getting Brody back on land safely.

“Can’t Thank Bayonne PD/FD Mayor Jimmy Davis enough for helping me save Brody a few more minutes and he might have not made it,” he replied.

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