Caddle-linked super PAC had ties to Hudson the year he paid hitmen to kill Jersey City politico


A super PAC linked to New Jersey political consultant Sean Caddle, who pleaded guilty to paying two hitmen to kill a Jersey City politico in 2014, had ties to Hudson County that year, federal campaign finance reports show.

Sean Caddle. Twitter photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

For starters, the Committee for Economic Growth and Social Justice, where Caddle identified himself as the executive director, was founded in 2013 and had a P.O. Box address in Harrison.

Caddle, now 44 and a Hamburg resident, admitted on Tuesday to paying two hitmen to kill Jersey City politico Michael Galdieri, a former council candidate who worked on several other municipal campaigns, on May 22, 2014.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has since identified the hitmen, who stabbed Galdieri to death before setting his apartment on fire, as Bomani Africa, 61, of Philadelphia and Connecticut resident George Bratsenis.

During that same year, the aforementioned committee raised over half a million dollars from more than 100 different donors., Federal Election Commission filings (FEC) show.

Johnston JP Inc., a communications company with an address out of Kearny at the time, donated $3,000 on January 27th. Impact NJ LLC Government Affairs, back then a Jersey City-based consulting firm, gave $1,500 on February 6th.

On May 6th, East Newark Town Center LLC wrote a $25,000 check. The Alma Realty project received planning board approval in February 2020 for a 616-unit, mixed-use building at an industrial site.

About two years before becoming corporation counsel for the City of Hoboken, attorney Brian Aloia donated $10,000 on June 4th: half from his law firm and half from his own personal account.

Furthermore, Liberty National Golf Course CEO Paul Fireman chipped in $10,000 on August 20th, while Secaucus-based developer Hartz Mountain Industries gave $1,000 on June 14th and then another $5,000 on October 23rd.

Finally, Kearny real estate company River Terminal Development wrote a check for $2,500 on October 27th.

PolitickerNJ reported that the PAC also helped then-candidate Jimmy Davis win the June 10th, 2014 runoff election against Mayor Mark Smith.

While filings do not have anything explicitly earmarked for the Davis campaign, Arkady LLC, Caddle’s consulting firm which has had addresses out of East Newark and Jersey City,  was paid $12,150 by the PAC on May 27th for canvassing for non-federal candidates.

They also received an additional $6,000 on the same day for field consulting services.

Edwin J. Jacobs, Caddle’s attorney in the matters, said during a court proceeding that he is working with federal authorities as part of an ongoing probe.

“I don’t want to place a lot of detail on this record. I will simply leave it at this: As recently as today, he has been working, collaborating, with the FBI in developing an important investigation,” NJ Advance Media reported.

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