Ben & Jerry’s founders denounce establishment, host rally for Bernie Sanders


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield packed out the Zeppelin Hall Biergarten in Jersey City to rally supporters in favor of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.


Hundreds of supporters “felt the Bern” at Zeppelin Hall last night, when Cohen explained Bernie’s acknowledgment for a combat against America’s “rigged” economic and justice system by corporations and the one percenters.

“They’ve ignored the needs of the poor, the people of color, and the middle class. Bernie’s proposals have demonstrated fiscally responsible forward thinking and fiscally responsible solutions to these problems,” said Cohen.

“Free college for people of any economic means is paid for by a small, less than one percent tax on Wall Street.”

Sanders estimates that his College for All Act will cost about $75 billion annually and has proposed the federal government would fund two-thirds of the cost by taxing Wall Street trade.

States who participate in free undergraduate college tuition would be responsible for 33 percent of the remaining costs.

Sanders is squaring off against front-runner Hilary Clinton, a former U.S. Secretary of State who locally has the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization and currently sits on a comfortable lead with both delegates and super delegates.

The Vermont senator has advocated for creating jobs by repairing the country’s infrastructure, cleaning water systems such as those in Flint, Michigan, and eliminating corporate tax loopholes, Cohen also stated.

Ben & Jerry are campaigning in New Jersey and then California for their home state senator.

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to be here in New Jersey and that’s because this state is so critical in the next phase of Bernie’s campaign. You guys can make it happen,” said Cohen.

“We still believe in the dream of America!”

In an Eagleton Poll, Clinton leads Sanders by 51 percent of New Jersey Democrats to 42 percent.

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