Sources: Morel the top choice to replace Palermo on West New York BOE


David Morel, who most recently helped pick Jamie Cryan as the new West New York municipal administrator, is the top choice to replace Joan Palermo on the local board of education, according to multiple sources.

Facebook photo.
Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Morel, a good friend of Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo – a former BOE president – served on the town’s rent control board with Cirillo’s wife, Vanessa, along with five other members, in 2015.

He is currently employed in a supervisory role at the North Bergen Motor Vehicle Commission, located at 8901 Park Plaza.

Only Hudson County View reported last month that Trustee Joan Palermo resigned, citing “personal and professional commitments” and the vacant seat on the board has still not been filled.

Whoever replaces her on the board will be jumping into the lion’s den, given that the West New York Education Association has been calling for a new contract for weeks, playing a pivotal role in the board voting down a $136 million budget last week.

No one at the board of education would comment on Palermo’s replacement, but multiple sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said Morel was the top candidate for the appointment.

Morel did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Monday.

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  1. Parkinson, Jonathan, Damarys, Rodas have already been told to vote for Morel. Who said city hall is not running the boe. Enforcer Manny Diaz will be T the next school board pressuring everyone to vote Cosmo boy. Gabriel Rodriguez must not sleep at night Cosmo is the defacto Mayor and running WNY. Teachers will get no CONTRACT because that’s the order that has been given. Roque is saving the world as WNY teachers suffer and he stays on the side line for the teachers but continues to take 10s of thousands of dollars in contributions from the BOE vendors. Parkinson will nominate Morel as his stomach turns because he’s an Anglica person and his father still controls the decisions he makes. Parkinson is told what to do by his step mom and dad and he can’t do anything about it.

  2. The application process has not even closed yet and already there is a favorite! What a farce. The whole system is a waste of time.
    Roque’s puppets on that board will do whatever they are told to do.

  3. Mr. John Heinis, Teens applying for a position as a summer recreation employee are being forced to get a Non-driver identification card from the MVC for a $24 fee. Cosmo Cirillo is the commissioner in charge of the Rec and his good friend David Morel is a supervisor at the MVC, can this just be a coincidence? Passports aren’t a valid form of ID in WNY for teenagers? Mr. Heinis please investigate this. Thank you.