Bayonne police investigating incident where man attacked Burger King employee over late order


The Bayonne Police Department is investigating an incident where a man attacked a Burger King employee over a late DoorDash order.

The Burger King in Bayonne. Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The 27-year-old male man, an employee of Burger King – located at 1088 Broadway – reported that another man pulled his vehicle up to the drive-thru window to pick up a DoorDash food order.

Upon being told that the order was not ready, the man became irate and began cursing at the victim. The man then drove away, only to return to the window on foot to continue his irate behavior.

The situation turned physical when the actor began kicking and pushing into the sliding
drive-thru window in an attempt to open it.

The window ultimately opened automatically and the actor proceeded to reach in and knock over the receipt printer, causing damage to it.

The actor then picked up the credit card machine and threw it at the victim, hitting him in the face and causing an injury.

The actor then fled the scene and no arrests have been made at this time, authorities said.

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