O’Donnell hits Davis on Bayonne tax breaks, out of town workers, at last major fundraiser


Bayonne mayoral hopeful Jason O’Donnell hit Mayor Jimmy Davis on tax breaks and out of town workers at his last major fundraiser before the May 8th municipal elections. 


“My in-laws are paying $2,100 a month in rent in an elevator building because they need to be in an elevator building. So people who are on a fixed income, what’s the future gonna hold if the story continues for another four years?,” questioned Councilman-at-Large candidate Dan Ward.

Ward, who stood at the front of The Chandelier Restaurant with his kids and some of their friends before introducing O’Donnell, noted that it’s about time people from the Peninsula City started benefitting from their government – something their team would deliver on.

“This election has now become a tale of two cities: Bayonne and what this administration would like Bayonne to be: filled with out of towners, traffic, potholes and guess what – 30 year PILOT abatements that these children will have to pay for, that our seniors will never benefit from,” O’Donnell said in front of a crowd of over 300 people.

The former state Assemblyman also targeted Davis for failing to build or improve any affordable housing during his first term, later taking aim at his campaign slogan “I love Bayonne.”

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing that they love Bayonne and we don’t: look around this room. Man and woman alike, everyone in this room has contributed something to the City of Bayonne during their life,” O’Donnell stated.

“They didn’t move to Rahway for 16 years to seek greener pastures. They stayed, they stayed for the fight just like we have because the fight is worth it … if we’re faced with another four years of out of town Jimmy, out of town Joe and out of town Jay, it’s over ladies and gentlemen because their interests are not your interests.”

O’Donnell referenced Davis moved out of the city years ago, as well as Davis campaign manager Joe DeMarco, who lives in Bernardsville, as well as Corporation Council Jay Coffey – the mayor of Oceanport.

Just two weeks earlier, the incumbent touted his administration’s record of “fiscal responsibility” at the very same venue, arguing that PILOTs were necessary to turn the city around.

O’Donnell, Davis and Dr. Mitchell Brown, the third candidate in the Bayonne mayoral race, will square off tonight in a debate hosted by Hudson County View and The Jersey Journal at the Nicholas Oresko Community School, located at 33 East 24th St., at 7 p.m.

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