Bayonne Building Dept. suspending in-person service as part of COIVD-19 preps


The City of Bayonne has announced a number of new adjustments being made to avoid the spread of COVID-19, suspending street sweeper regulations, extending the time frame on parking permits, and suspending in-person service of the building department.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“During the second half of March, the City of Bayonne will make temporary changes in various departments, in order to reduce the number of people coming to City Hall. Reducing the size of crowds waiting in hallways for services will help us fight the spread of the coronavirus,” Mayor Jimmy Davis said in a statement.

“Each department is making changes that are designed to reduce the number of employees and members of the public coming to City Hall each day for at least the next two weeks. Other changes will reduce the number of routine inspections by the Building Department and home visits by the Office On Aging.”

Davis further stated that street sweeping regulations will be suspended in light of the public schools being closed, though is still asking for the public’s help in moving their vehicles since street sweeping will continue.

In other parking developments, orange and purple zone parking permits will be extended indefinitely to prevent large groups of people from congregating in City Hall to get resident or driveway parking passes.

Furthermore, in-person service at the building department has been suspended and and permits will be issued by appointment only through March 30th.

“The idea is to reduce the number of walk-ins and crowds waiting on line. All business that the public needs to conduct with the Building Department should be performed by telephone at 201-858-6073, via fax to 201-858-6122, or via e-mail with simultaneous copy to,” Davis stated.

“Each e-mail will be confirmed by a member of the Building Department staff as being received. If you do not have a confirmation of the receipt of your fax or e-mail by the close of the next business day after submittal, please call the Building Department to confirm receipt of your e-mail or fax. You can still request inspections through the SDL portal.”

Additionally, CCO inspections for occupied structures will be temporarily suspended, as well as the issuance of new permits for minor plumbing, electrical, fire, and building work.

Inspections of occupied residential occupancies have also been put on hold, barring a confirmed city emergency, according to Davis.

Hudson County currently has three presumptive positive cases of COVID-19: a 32-year-old West New York man who is on the mend, a 41-year-old woman from Jersey City, and a man in his 40s from Hoboken.

The West New York case was announced on Sunday, while the Jersey City and Hoboken cases were revealed earlier today.

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