Bayonne BOE candidate Patrick McManus says student-teacher bond is lacking


Bayonne Board of Education candidate Patrick McManus claims the teachers’ contract is the underlying reason why student-teacher bonds no longer exist in their schools.


“I think there’s going to be a separation of that bond between teacher and student because they are all leaving, or a lot of them are leaving. And that is something that I miss when I was in this school, those bonds that you create.”

Finding funds for the district is definitely on his agenda to help keep the teachers in Bayonne.

“I would ask for help from the town’s people. I wonder how many people will come out if I organize the rally to show the people of Trenton, the lawmakers of Trenton, that this town is serious about its funding.

McManus also believes that the alleged missing $11.8 million that the Bayonne BOE owes to the city from late December of last year should be accounted for.

“If the town’s able to give it out to the city or borrow it to the city what more can they borrow or what more can the board of education find to give to the teachers.”

McManus said he would definitely work on a teachers’ contract, but will not promise anything until he sees the books.

He will not “grandstand for votes,” but reassures that the contract should be fair and that teachers should get what they deserve.

The candidate also believes that the mayor should not have gotten involved with the “people’s choice election,” since he says a mayoral endorsement is financially beneficial to a candidate’s campaign.

“I hope the people just come out as a community, as we did last year, when we voted for candidates for our school board to be elected, and come out again and show them that we are going to make our own choices.”


Editor’s Note: This interview was filmed prior to Mayor Jimmy Davis endorsing Dr. Thomas Howard, Jr. yesterday.   

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