Hoboken Ward 5 Councilman Cunningham touts track record, jabs at Gonzalez


Hoboken Ward 5 Councilman Peter Cunningham said his track record regarding the city’s finances speaks for itself, further expressing his desire to continue to serve the Mile Square City, also taking a parting shot at his opponent in the process. 


At the event hosted at Anthony David’s. where a few dozen residents stopped by throughout the evening, City Council President Ravi Bhalla and Mayor Dawn Zimmer expressed their confidence in Cunningham as a candidate. Zimmer was elected to the council with Cunningham in 2007.

She also hosted a fundraiser for Cunningham and four of the other council candidates she has previously endorsed at Arthur’s Steakhouse last week.

Cunningham said that he is happy to have helped introduce a flood pump in his ward and has other infrastructure plans prepared for the future.

Speaking with Hudson County View, Cunningham said his top achievements for the city are keeping finances stable and making sure the Hoboken University Medical Center remained open.

Cunningham’s opponent, Eduardo Gonzalez, has recently opposed the incumbent on issues such how the BASF property was acquired. However, the councilman said Gonzalez is in no position to talk about the city’s finances.

When reached by Hudson County View, Gonzalez scoffed at Cunningham for saying he was unfit to handle the city’s budgetary matters.

“The two major boards that I have served on, the Elysian Charter School and the Hoboken Housing Authority, did not have the luxury of taxing their way out of tough situations,” he said, again stressing his platform of cooperation and compromise.

“Under his watch on the city council, the tax levy went up over 65 percent. The bond rating did go up under his term, but they have been spending on a credit card … so on top of property taxes, every resident owes an additional $3,000 due to bonding.”

Other officials on hand included former Senate Majority Leader Bernie Kenny, who currently resides in the 5th Ward, and Hoboken Councilman-at-large David Mello.

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  1. Vote for Cunningham. By far the best choice

    Gonzalez was not very good at all on the Housing Authority. Just voted along with whatever Carmelo Garcia wanted which we found out led to all sorts of fiscal disaster

  2. Anybody but Cunningham. He has us loaded with debt and performed a reval in advance of the rest of the towns to take out more debt. High debt load with debt load attached to a volatile measure is playing with fire.

    • Yes!!! The after midnight Mel B comment rampage. I hope a few nice bottles of wine were involved. If not well, yeeesssshhhh

      How is the petition gathering going? Have you collected enough yet to get on the ballot? Or is that Farina guy still after you?

      Go get em!

  3. It is notable that Cunningham can not answer questions related to the budget nor does he understand the fiduciary responsibilities of a Council person. I would dare say a CFA would understand much better than a bond “exec” sales person. I would not place myself in that sort of questionable position of voting on bonding that involves my industry.

    • Lady, we’ve seen your posts all over the internet. Based on those I really don’t think you should be casting stones about people’s educations or ability to understand things.

      It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt

  4. I live in the fifth, Peter has done nothing regarding responding to neighbors requests and concerns. Numerous accounts of the years. At the border of the fifth and second my neighbors have from time to time complained about their council person. When I piped in that I was from the fifth, the unanimous comment was “oh, fugetaboutit! Peter Cunningham is the absolute worst”. Enough said. here’s also the repeated expression that would be true if not for Zimmer eliminating runoffs, “Anybody but Cunningham”. One neighbor is so disgusted he said if my dog were running he would vote for the dog over Peter.

    • All of these wonderful anecdotes yet you never name a single person providing these quotes. Given your track record of extremely “outlandish” statements that are not based in reality we just can’t believe you.