Amy DeGise: Stack’s 2013 endorsement of Christie would’ve broken HCDO bylaws


In the final days leading up to the vote for the next Hudson County Democratic Organization chair, candidate Amy DeGise says that her opponent, Brian Stack’s 2013 endorsement of Republican Gov. Chris Christie, would’ve violated the party’s bylaws. 

“The officer of the Hudson County Democratic Committee pledge to support only Democratic candidates for office. Any Officer who violates this pledge shall forfeit his office,” DeGise promoted in a video posted on social media this morning.

The video repeatedly shows Stack leading a chant of “Christie! Christie! Christie!” in Union City the day before the November 2013 general election, where he gave a full-throated endorsement of Christie.

“I’ve never had a better working relationship with any other governor than Governor Christie. Governor Christie’s the best and I’ll always be there for him,” he said during an interview conducted after the rally.

” … You know something: I’ve never been about the party … I’ve never ever been about the party,” he also said at the time when asked about crossing party lines to back Christie’s re-election.

“Hudson County deserves a progressive Democrat to lead the HCDO, not a Christiecrat who sold out our party and our values to support Chris Christie,” DeGise, a Jersey City Board of Education trustee, said in a statement.

“Brian Stack’s support for Christie was a betrayal of everything our party is about, and Stack calling Christie ‘the greatest Governor we’ve ever had’ is absolutely nauseating. This is a Governor who attacked public employees, defunded public schools and transit and lied to all of us in the Bridgegate scandal. Someone who supported Chris Christie is not the kind of leader we need for the HCDO.”

DeGise faces an uphill battle against Stack ahead of Tuesday’s 7 p.m. vote at Kearny High School, though she is riding some momentum after the West New York Democratic Committee slate Stack backed lost decisively on Tuesday.

Harrison Mayor James Fife’s team also cruised through the primary on Tuesday, though DeGise, the daughter of County Executive Tom DeGise, will need to neutralize vote in Jersey City in order to pull off the monumental upset victory.

A spokesman for Stack did not immediately return inquiries seeking comment.

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    • Desperate Amy is OK with nepotism.

      Unqualified to hold this high position in the Hudson County Democratic Party she embraces her father’s political cronies and their gutter politics.

      With no record of her own to run on and her father’s real record of raising Hudson County tax over 80% while in office I can understand why her handlers have no place to go but the gutter.

  1. Stack not only supported Christie, he voted for Chapter 78 which screwed all public employees including our teachers and First Responders. Now, along with his fellow Republicrat Steve Sweeney, he supports gutting the School budgets of Jersey City, Hoboken and Weehaken, thus denying children in those towns (who, by the way, he was elected to represent) a thorough education. Stack was a puppet for Christie and remains a puppet for Sweeney. He has never been a Democrat, he does not support Democratic values and as a Christie loyalist, he has no right heading the HCDO. Any Democratic Committee person who is a public employee or who has children in a public school needs to think about their priorities before casting a vote for Stack to head the HCDO.

  2. Politics makes strange bedfellows
    Who would have thought that Ravi Bhalla and his arch enemy Beth Mason would be joining forces with Stack and Sweeney
    Sweeney who has been screwing public employee unions and trying to hurt the taxpayers of North Jersey for years also lobbies to kill Hoboken’s Pre-K program. How will Bhalla explain that next year when he campaigns in Hoboken for his slate of council puppets.