After infighting over procedural rules, Hoboken GOP elects Joe Branco as new chair


At a meeting that was delayed in the early going due to infighting over the procedural rules, the Hoboken GOP Committee elected new member Joe Branco as their chair at last night’s reorganization meeting.

New Hoboken GOP Chair Joe Branco (left) with Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli after he won the June 8th primary election. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

While outgoing Chair Chris Carbine would have still run the meeting despite losing his committee race in the June 8th primary, he was unable to attend due to a family emergency.

As a result, the committee voted to have Kimberly Glatt, who stepped down as a municipal court judge to run for mayor in 2009, serve as the chair pro-tempore.

At this point, some tensions came to a head as Glatt said that Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein couldn’t run for chair since he wasn’t a committee member after Branco defeated him earlier this month in a closely contested race.

While the Hudson County GOP bylaws would have allowed any registered Republican for five years to seek the post, the municipal bylaws remained a mystery since somehow no one managed to have a copy on hand.

Roman Brice, the longtime publisher for the recently dormant Mile Square City blog, questioned if the county rules would be used absent any local ones – which would’ve been notable due to Branco only switching parties earlier this year.

However, Glatt ultimately said that wouldn’t be the case and Branco’s nomination moved forward, despite at least one call for an adjournment.

Over an hour and two votes later, Branco was elected chair after receiving 24 affirmative votes in a room of about 40 members. No one else received a nomination.

“My primary reason for getting involved stems from a desire to bring unity and collaboration to the party … I am thrilled that on June 28, despite a challenging start to our meeting, the elected committee members came together to select an outstanding board,” Branco said in a statement this morning.

” … Going forward, this board along with our full committee team will work together to encourage involvement and expand the Republican party in Hoboken. We will support local business and our community as well as actively support our local and state officials.”

He also thanked his family for their support, as well as Hudson County GOP Chair Jose Arango for his mentorship and guidance.

The other executive committee members include Holly Lucyk and Richard England serving as co-vice chairs after a tie vote, Beth Hamburger and Pavel Sokolov as the executive and recording secretaries, respectively, Kathy DeRose as treasurer and Glatt as parliamentarian.

Einstein, who still plans to challenge Arango at tonight’s county reorganization meeting, called the Hoboken GOP meeting a sham and that it wouldn’t go without facing further scrutiny.

“The hijacking of the Hoboken GOP Committee meeting by operatives of Hudson GOP Chair Jose Arango (and his protege Joe Branco), infamous for supporting Democrats, was a disservice to all Republicans,” he said in his own statement.

” … In fact, his operatives illegally prevented my nomination despite calls from Hoboken GOP committee members that my candidacy for chairman should be voted upon. Rest assured, the illegal activity at the Hoboken GOP Committee reorganization meeting will be addressed. The efforts to make the Hudson County GOP (and all its various subsidiary committees) Republican again will continue.”

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  1. Something is rotten in Denmark!

    Sounds like a meeting of the Russo Civic not a Republican committee meeting. Does Joe get a Hudson County job now or later for this farce on behalf of Dem pal Jose Arango? Kim Glatt is a Republican? Since when? On what basis did she decide there would only be a vote conducted for Jose Arango with RINO sidekick Joe Branco?

    This is a disgrace. Only further aids and abets the Hudson County Demoncrat machine. Which apparently was the entire point of this hijack operation.

    • Those aren’t Republicans. They are Arango Democrat corruptocrats.
      So bored waiting for another Ravi Terror Flier to spring on any opponent to Ravi.

    • I’m an independent so I don’t care about this party stuff but that Horse fellow is clearly living rent free in the Ravi operatives’ heads. Is he going to come back and finish a terror flyer story? I’d pay to see that.

      • LOOOOOOL! This dude mentions “Ravi Terror Flyer” in every comment of every HCV story about Hoboken. If anything, it’s the mayor who’s clearly living in the Horse’s mansion of a mind! And please enlighten us on why he’s “dormant”? Could it be, oh, I don’t know, maybe because all his one-time readers abandoned the blog years ago because it became a showcase for nutty conspiracy theories?

        So again, for the slow followers: what’s a “Ravi Terror Flyer”? And what does it have to do with Hoboken GOP?

        • What happens if Ravi, his ops and union pals who did the dirty drop on the Ravi Terror Flyer have to testify under oath? How’d it work out in Edison?

          • Please share your evidence. You just said they “did the dirty drop”, so let’s see your evidence. Go on.

            People have been sued for saying less. Ask Horse. BTW, how did that Bajardi thing work out in the end?

  2. What a clown show! Josh should move on from this Republican Party circus and run for Mayor. He wouldn’t win but it’s the best platform out there for spreading the Republican message to the public.

    Brice could use his site to promote Josh’s candidacy and his formidable political skills to run the campaign.

    With nobody else having the guts to step up Josh has a real opportunity here to build his political stature state-wide.

    • Why would Josh want to see a Ravi Terror Flier launched against him? No one wants to have a Ravi Terror Flier used against them.

      • Let me guess: you also think Trump’s reelection victory was stolen, ANTIFA invaded the Capitol Building on Jan 6, Hillary was up to no good in the basement of a Washington DC pizza joint, and you’ve never wore a mask or got a vaccine shot because it’s all a plandemic (plus, Bill Gates wants to implant a chip in your head).

        Am I close?

        • Oh, there’s plenty of evidence of Election Theft 2020, your ignorance notwithstanding. Hillary is an international criminal of renown, that’s not news.

          The Arizona Audit is coming and election transparency is arriving. Georgia ballot fraud is under scrutiny and its disaster of incompetence and fraud running ballots through machines repeatedly is seen on video. The layered election fraud is surfacing in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Nevada would be fun but the criminal Dems won’t allow any election examination there, for obvious reasons.

          You are ignorant on all of it. So the truth will be more painful. Ok, you can go back to humping your Russia Collusion Hoax altar.

          • LOOOOOOL!!! How’s life in your alternate universe? BTW, how are things going for your pals Sidney Powell and Lin Wood? Rudy disbarred, only a matter of time before they follow suit.

          • Life in the real world is fine with the corrupt practice of “Ballot Harvesting” on the ropes. Not the end, the beginning. Rudy got disbarred? Oh is that what happened in totalitarian Stalinist courts in your moonie mind? It’s only corrupt Democrat judges who suspended his license with no hearing because he dared to breathe the truth in public about Election Theft.

            Get back on your Antifa drugs.

          • Ahhh. OK, I get it now, you’re just trolling. I mean, no functioning adult could possibly maneuver through life in this much of an alternate reality. Kudos, good one, You got me.

          • Rasmussen July Poll:- Election Theft 2020?

            The likelihood cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?”

            Very or Somewhat Likely-
            White – 51%
            Black – 49%
            Other Non-White – 56%
            Democrat – 30% Face with monocle
            Unaffil – 51%
            GOP – 74%

            All Voters – 51%

            51% is a majority no matter how you slice it.
            No matter the non-stop Democrat Corporate Media propaganda, Americans are resisting their Big Lie and refuse to unsee what they saw.

            More to come!

          • What does that have to do with anything IN THE REAL WORLD? Please share your evidence THAT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN THE REAL WORLD. Who cares about some poll done three months BEFORE the election on what people think COULD CONCEIVABLY happen?

            You can’t produce evidence because you have none, which is because there is none…which is because (follow along now…) IT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE! If you have evidence that proves otherwise, let’s see it. Go on.

            This is exactly why everyone deserted our blog years ago. Apparently, it hasn’t sunken in.