LETTER: Hoboken Dem Committee chooses to politicize upcoming BOE race


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident and lifelong Democrat Barry Grossman explains why he feels the local Democratic committee has chosen to politicize upcoming board of education race.

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Dear Editor,

The HDC Executive Committee, under the leadership of Rachel Hodes, Phil Cohen, Eileen Carvalho, and Joe Quintero should know better – BOE elections are about LOCAL issues, not necessarily NATIONAL issues.

The fact Mrs. Hodes, Mr. Cohen and others on the Hoboken Democratic Committee chose to bring up Republican rhetoric in fact has them involved in the BOE campaign!

Many of us working with “Kids First” Hoboken, who also worked during the earlier effort to defeat the BOE January Budget Referendum, do not care about party affiliation.

The January effort was a “tri-partisan” effort which brought together Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

We deeply care about Hoboken – the quality of education, transparency, accountability and keeping the town as affordable as possible.

Looking toward the November vote:

Education decisions are driven on the STATE and LOCAL level.

Don’t be fooled by the nonsense being thrown out by the Hoboken Democratic Committee – trying to tie the local elections to NATIONAL conservative efforts.

I strongly support Pavel, Cindy and Donna for the Board of Education. They truly have the needs of all of Hoboken’s kids first.

Barry Grossman
Hoboken 5th Ward resident

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  1. The Hoboken Dem Exec board does not represent the views of Hoboken Democrats. Rachel Hodes stumping for the referendum, and yet 2/3 of Dems hated it. Vote all the hypocrites out, its a DINO crises! We made a huge mistake not voting Cheryl and co in!

  2. Not playing pretend and he’s a long time Hobokenite
    He’ll be hear after Quintero and Hodes and Hubby move to the burbs or Phil retires to Boca

    It’s time these aspirants deal with local issues instead of riding Ravi’s coattails to Trenton or DC

    It’s a verrrrry long runway

  3. The debate around the Hoboken Board of Education should focus on the actual issues facing Hoboken and our kids. Seated City Council Members introducing concerns about national partisan politics is a distraction tactic.

    The current BOE has not been able to improve student test scores. The current BOE has not been able to increase the retention rate of students leaving the system for other high school options. The current BOE is committed to an approach of limiting community involvement in problem solving. (Limiting participation to parents of current district students rather than taxpayer wide engagement.).

    The primary solution proposed has been the plan for a $300+ million new High School, which dramatically failed to garner community support.

    I fear the continuation of these approaches much more than I fear the impact of national political conversations. I have met the members of the Kids First Slate and believe in their commitment to seek out new processes (like making BOE meetings more accessible to all constituents).

    Do not be distracted by all of the proxy voices who are trying to distract from the real issues impacting Hoboken students and taxpayers.

  4. Hoboken needs people on the school board who will not vote lock step with Christina Johnson and keep the voters fully informed as to what is being planned well in advance and how much they will be made to pay for it.
    The current members of the Board have made it very clear after the January debacle that they will not do that.

  5. Thank you Barry for such decent, rational, and conscientious thoughts regarding the direction for the school children of Hoboken. This is about them and the citizens with or without children who live in this town that have taken the time to care how the educational system operates within our borders when we vote in the school board elections.

  6. Rachel, Big Man Phil and Lost at Sea Joe are laughable at best. This is not the student council. This is serious stuff. These petty games are so embarrassing, it’s hard to believe these folks know how to run a household

  7. Mr. Grossman:

    An election for a government seat is political. It just is. We don’t live in disneyland, we live in a democracy with competitive elections. In an election, your opponents’ views on government matter. If you can’t politicize an election, what the heck can you politicize? Get a grip pal. If your ideas and philosophies on government, the role of the BOE, and issues that could come up before the BOE don’t stand up to scrutiny, then you should lose the election.

    Grow a backbone and stand on your principles, or publicly come out and renounce your previous positions. Don’t whine about how your mean opponents are bringing up your unsavory political positions.

    • The point being that the Dems cried about not politicizing the BoE race, and then went on ahead and politicized it. Don’t be a hypocrite, that’s the issue Rachel and her clique are facing. Crybullies

  8. Well said, Mr. Grossman.

    The Democratic party that I grew up with supporting in Hoboken has been completely manipulated under Mayor Bhalla who Trumpets (pun, intended) that national CNN sentiment to his personal political advantage and certainly instructs his henchman (and Emily and Nancy) to not only influence the BOE but also other significant failures under his administration. We still don’t have a permanent solution for the DPW and the Union Dry Dock is back to eminent domain as clearly the “win win” deal he used to get Ward 6 votes was nothing more that a smoke screen.

    The mayor has misrepresented and prioritized national issues like a “woman’s” Constitutional “right” to an abortion, politicizing the use of our emergency management system Nixle, and again taking a second job at Schenck Price, the mayor has effectively turned his back on Hoboken. I’m now an independent voter and thinker and I will be voting for Kid’s First Hoboken and encourage others to so as well.

    Let’s put Hoboken before mean tweets and sleepy sloppy Joe.

  9. Pretty wild that DINO Goldwater Barry has been hook-winked by Joe Branco.

    Joe is one of the biggest hangers on in Hoboken. He was a democrat until he learned that people would actually acknowledge his existence if he paid to be a Republican.

    Joe, word of advice, please don’t use Hoboken to buy your friends. Please go settle into crystal springs and pretend to be someone else out there. Stop trying to ruin Hoboken with your desperation.

  10. 3 candidates preaching transparency vs the group that operated in secret and tried to hoodwink the voters.

    No more complicated than that as to why Kids First slate is getting my vote. Plus Cindy is a milf

  11. Past HHA Redevelopment meeting records in the online chat show LTL /BOE trustees like Ms McGuirk speaking out against more affordable housing units at the HHA on Jackson street- Why?
    Guess she only likes to go to the HHA for Easter Egg Hunts and getting votes- Limiting population in the 4th Ward by assuming it will burden the early childhood grades is pretty offensive.
    Textbook redling?

    It’s all on record.

  12. What is this Iran?
    Attacking Barry for exercising his views and knocking him with anti semitic innuendo is so offensive.
    The Bhalla team will stop at nothing to silence free voices.
    Guess we will have the decency police next.

  13. The Bhalla Gang are thugs. Barry was great when he supported them, but now he writes a thoughtful letter and isn’t looking for a quid pro quo or donating to Bhalla’s coffers he’s getting slammed.

    In real time. these bullies would be cancelled or suspended from school.

  14. The level of dialogue reflected in the comments here is truly embarrassing even by Hoboken political standards.

    Grow up children. Hoboken’s public school children and taxpayers deserve better.

    • You mean those comments against a councilwoman’s family planning choices by Antonio’s Team

      Teresa Minutillo an advocate for Hoboken Family Planning clinic stayed mum all while her friend Tiffany was accosted regarding her life and family choices. Teresa is really a shallow phony.
      All so her kid can play hockey in town

  15. Wow the LTL crazy’s have so much time on their hands spamming the Kid’s First facebook page with catty remarks, loaded questions and fake concerns. If only they asked questions of their own slate back in January maybe they would have had a High School plan that 4-1 of the public would have liked rather than voted down.

    The Women involved with LTL should owe childless women everywhere an apology for their reproductive choices ESPECIALLY Teresa Minutillo. She was an unmarried mom and also a friend to Tiffany Fisher- Teres was SILENT when her political buddy and 300 million Hockey Arena supporter C Clark verbally assaulted Tiffany Fisher’s choices or personal situation on motherhood. The Same Minutillo who advocates for the Family Planning Clinic of Hoboken. She should be removed from that group too.

    You folks are sick.

  16. People of Hoboken, ask the LTL slate why they want to reduce affordable housing in the 4th Ward?
    Is Antonio Grana more concerned about his condo value or the major developer he worked for on Harrison Street?