Michael Bunero: I worked on car of Gargiulo’s relative at NB DPW garage


Michael Bunero, the brother of North Bergen Department of Public Works supervisor Troy Bunero, testified that he worked on personal vehicles at the DPW garage – including the brother-in-law of Commissioner Frank Gargiulo, who is in charge of the department. 


The court session largely centered around the work Troy Bunero had done on his kitchen and bathroom by North Bergen DPW workers, as well as the personal vehicles Michael Bunero worked on at the NB DPW facility, located at 6100 Tonnelle Ave.

Michael Bunero also testified that his brother did not do any home improvements while on township time, adding that the believed the same was true for Longo.

Paul Faugno, Longo’s attorney for the case, had Michael Bunero acknowledge that he fixed Longo’s personal truck at the DPW garage – but only after being ordered by then-Superintendent James Wiley.

Furthermore, he noted that the same truck had been parked at the DPW lot for around two years and was used, at times, by other members of the department for everyday duties.

The conversation then turned to who exactly was getting personal cars fixed at the DPW garage.

Troy Bunero and Francis Longo are on trial for allegedly performing personal chores and working on political campaigns while on township time.

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