2 new members of UC Housing Authority could be removed due to state law


After three new members, a city hall employee, an attorney and a cop, were appointed to the Union City Housing Authority earlier this month, two may not be able to serve due to a state statute that only allows one board member to be an employee of the city, according to board attorney Julio Morejon.


Tony Martinez, a Union City police officer, and Carlos Vallejo, a board of education trustee who is also a city employee, were appointed to the housing authority board by the city’s board of commissioners at the April 7 meeting.

Martin “Marty” Martinetti, the board chairman, is the Union City construction official, so he already meets the state statue for a city employee to serve on the board.

Martinez and Vallejo abstained from voting on each of the matters before the housing authority board on Tuesday, so Hudson County View asked for clarification on the matter and received a response from Morejon.

“It’s a legal compliance issues, so we can’t have more than one (city employee on the board),” he said.

“So if we do (remove board members), then we would have to go back up to the nominating body, which would be the city of Union City, to advise them – then they would have to submit names of new appointees who are not municipal employees.”

For the sake of clarification, Vallejo could potentially be removed from the board due to being a city hall employee, not for being a board of education trustee.


  1. Someone should O. P. R. A. Elise Dinardo’s billing time at the bd of Ed. Believe she
    Does nothing for free. Shes billing the board for her time at the housing authority.

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