Union City Housing Authority expecting $16 million in federal funding, ED says


One day after the West New York Housing Authority announced a $24 million renovation project, the Union City Housing Authority said they are expecting a $16 million renovation that will come from the same type of federal funding, according to Executive Director Virgil Cabello. 


Cabello explained that the UCHA has been informally approved for a $16 million authority improvement program, which will be paid for by federal Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) funding, later clarifying that he was notified of the “good news” through a phone call and is waiting for the formal paperwork to be sent through.

“The housing authority becomes like a section 8 voucher program … we have to put a development team together that consists of architects, a finance team, the engineers, attorneys, to put this whole package together,” Cabello explained at Tuesday’s housing authority meeting.

Cabello later added that the improvement project would cost roughly $35,000 per unit, a number nearly identical to what West New York Housing Authority Executive Director Robert DiVincent said it would cost for each unit: $34,000.

The Union City Housing Authority consists of 455 units, compared to 715 for West New York.

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  1. R u kidding me union city housing receiving what ! And for what ? They don’t even know how to fix suites if that’s what you want to call these apartment. They have the worst workers there God knows if they even have license to fix these apartments. Mold on the walls , infested with bedbugs they don’t even rein burst you for your lost of furniture. I have lost over $8000 in furniture. Are you kidding me can I get my reimbursement now. It’s my money and I need it now… who’s going to help me get my cash. And housing receiving all this cash I don’t understand.