1st rally calling for Jersey City Councilwoman DeGise to step down held at pedestrian plaza


The first rally calling for Jersey City Councilwoman-at-Large Amy DeGise, who is under fire for a July 19th hit-and-run, to step down was held at the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza yesterday afternoon.

“Hey-hey, ho-ho, A-D-G has got to go!,” the group of a few dozen people chanted early on during the rally, which started around 3:20 p.m. and lasted about a half hour.

Hector Oseguera, a member of the Progressive Democrats of Hudson County and a longtime political adversary of DeGise, led the rally and was the first speaker of the day.

“The worst thing you can have in a so-called civilized society is somebody who believes that they can commit crimes against you, and nothing will happen. Because they’re part of a system that will shield what they’ve done, and hide what they’ve done,” he stated.

Andy Black, the UberEats bicyclist who was on his way to work around 8 a.m. when DeGise’s SUV struck him at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street after he rode through a red light, also addressed the crowd.

“I’m not out here seeking a vendetta or any of that. All I am seeking is justice. And how we get justice is right here,” he said stoically.

Safe Streets JC President Jimmy Lee, who along with BikeJC called for DeGise to step down in light of CCTV footage of the incident showing that she did brake or stop during the incident, also spoke publicly.

“It is never acceptable to leave the scene of a crash. It is a crime for leaving. It is also inhumane, immoral, and reduces the chance someone injured gets timely, life-saving aid.”

Former council-at-large candidate Elvin Dominici, Hudson County commissioner candidate Ron Bautista, and Hoboken resident Pat Waiters also grabbed the megaphone to speak before the event concluded.

“This is a grassroots pressure: and at the end of the day really who’s gonna win is the one that doesn’t get tired first. So this is only the beginning: we have to show this pressure on and on again,” Bautista noted.

DeGise received two summonses: one for the leaving the scene of an accident and the other for failure to report an accident.

On Friday, she indicated through a spokesman that she had no plans to resign a short time after a video of her reporting the crash at the West District Police Station – around 2 p.m. on the same day – had been released to the press by the city.

An unrelated video from November that shows DeGise, then the chair of the county Democrats and a councilwoman-elect, unsuccessfully trying to talk her way out of getting her car towed in Hoboken, as HCV first reported, has gone viral.

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  1. So a commie is trying lead the normals in a commie chant to get Amy to go.
    Someone better step up and organize this and take it right into the JC City Council.

    Lose the commie and Amy.

      • No more commies? Are you really that stupid? The Hey, Ho rap is right out of the 1960’s commie playbook. Learn some history.

        Then learn your communist BLM Marxist theology today, which you live by and obey. Hey hey, ho ho, the commie regressives have got to go. As the BLM founders stated themselves, “We are trained Marxists.” Of course there’s no more Soviet Union to fund the American Communist Party. They are funded by Democrats and supported by Democrat lawyers now. That Elias guy was behind BLM, the guy who worked for Hillary and backed with his law partner the Russia Collusion Hoax.

        Which no doubt, you Billy Buggywhip of JC bought hook, line and sinker.

        The more you know.

        Time to take away the commie’s bullhorn and organize normal people to stand up against this Hudson County Dem criminality.

        • So, when is your rally? Or are you like TFG, content to sit back scarfing down Big Macs while others do the actual work?

          Also, I missed the part where BLM was involved. I guess you “live in fear” types see them under every bed. Is there even room for the Reds?