Zimmer: Hoboken’s water rerouted from Weehawken, boil advisory lifted


Hoboken officials gathered in front of City Hall this afternoon to announce that after two days, the water boil advisory has been lifted as repairs on the broken service valve in Jersey City continue. 


“Hoboken has a backup water system and that system has successfully implemented. We are now getting our water from Weehawken, we normally get it from Jersey City,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said during a press conference that started at 3 p.m.

Zimmer also thanked city residents for making a conscience effort to conserve water, which needs to continue, later adding that the water boil advisory has been lifted.

“I also want everyone to let everyone know that the water boil advisory has been lifted and really make it clear to all of you that Hoboken is open for business,” she said.

Christopher Riat, the senior director of operations for SUEZ Water North Jersey, said that water pressures have stabilized, although some buildings will “continue to experience problems during peak hours.”

Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante cautioned drivers, of both cars and bicycles, to be alert of road blockages since two bicyclists have driven into a sinkhole.

Furthermore, Ferrante continued to urge those entering or leaving Hoboken for the Thanksgiving holiday to use public transportation if possible, or perhaps leaving this evening or before or after rush hour tomorrow.

During a question and answer session with the media, Christopher said he is unaware of what repair costs are currently estimated to be, also declining to put a timeline on what the worst case scenario is for the repairs to be complete (the best case scenario would be tomorrow evening).

Meanwhile in Downtown Jersey City, SUEZ is in still working on restoring full water service.

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