‘Your Children’s Future’ team coasts to victory in West New York BOE election


While it was totally expected, the “Your Children’s Future” West New York Board of Education coasted to victory at the polls on Tuesday.

Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Board President Adam Parkinson led the field with 1,517 votes, while newcomer Marielka Diaz wasn’t far behind with 1,429 ballots cast in her favor. Board Vice President David Morel rounded out the victory with 1,385 votes.

The winning slate had the full backing of the West New York Democratic Committee.

The “Save Our Schools” team, led by 2016’s top vote getting Ron Scheurle, was a long shot to being with, but their chances diminished significantly when Alex Navas dropped out of the race in September and they were unable to find a replacement.

Scheurle finished in a distant fourth with 679 votes, with his running mate Carlos Guerrero scoring 666 votes.

German Chapin, the only independent in the race, finished last with just 272 votes.


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