WNY’s Caridad Rodriguez gives tearful goodbye before embracing freeholder role


West New York Mayor Felix Roque and the board of commissioners honored resigning Commissioner of Public Safety Caridad Rodriguez with a proclamation at Wednesday’s meeting. Rodriguez will be sworn in as the District 7 (West New York, Guttenberg, Weehawken) freeholder next month. 


“Caridad Rodriguez the first female commissioner of the board of commissioners in the town of West New York has submitted her notice of resignation in order to be appointed freeholder on the Hudson County board of freeholders,” said Roque, who presented Rodriguez with a bouquet of flowers before reading the proclamation.

Rodriguez, a former Assemblywoman, was taken back by the unexpected ceremony.

“I am a true servant, as people know me,” Rodriguez began, before starting to cry.

“I dreaded today because of this .. but again, with that, I will always be a part of West New York. I’m not going far, I live around the corner and I’m actually happy they’re giving me another opportunity to continue my service, otherwise I would be ending in May of next year.”

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  1. Succeeding as a freeholder will be a no brainer for her. Just do what U did in WNY…sit there w/ure mouth shut & daydream about what U will have to eat later on…& then wake up when it’s time to vote!!!

  2. Carey Rodriguez is part of the WNY Corruption problem. Now she will be a stain on the County level. Fidel is proud of her also. Carey Really God be with you on your judgement day! What no show County positions will be going to her family members now?

  3. Talking to people of West New York the last year or so it seems a lot of people have blame and hate towards Mrs. Rodriguez. I believe the lies and criminal activity of Mayor Roque is having a lot to do with this. It really is a sad story what our town has turned in to the last few years. I will be selling my house this summer and will not look back at my 41 years living in West New York with a happy thought. I really hope change comes for the good people that are few left here. Where is the FBI and the NJ Authorities when it comes to West New York? Does Albio Sires and Robert Menendez really derail any investigations and probes of West New York wrong doings and crimes? Mrs. Rodriguez I do believe you know the answer to this question.