WNY Mayor Felix Roque, Count Wiley lob accusations about ‘dirty’ politics


Commissioner Count Wiley and the West New York United team held a protest outside town hall yesterday, making their way over to Las Palmas – where Mayor Felix Roque was hosting a fundraiser – over an offensive cartoon with racial and religious overtones that surfaced last week.

By John Heinis and Katherine Guest

Pastor Ralph Sanchez, Jr., the slate’s campaign manager, used a megaphone to rally the troops. Although the Roque campaign denied any involvement with the flyers last week, Wiley and WNY United commissioner candidate Thomas Leung insisted that the cartoon had the mayor’s fingerprints on it.

Inside Las Palmas, Roque’s running mates Cosmo Cirillo, Susan Colacurcio, Margarita Guzman and Gabriel Rodriguez, along with Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32) and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) kept a positive tone before the mayor made his speech.

Roque told Hudson County View he was feeling great about the campaign and was unconcerned about Wiley leading a protest – accusing him of dirty campaign tactics.

Colacurcio also addressed the protest, encouraging freedom of speech, and hoping that the Roque and Wiley contingents can work together again someday soon.

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  1. So… I find it very coincidental and baffling that Roque accuses us of producing the vile cartoon depicting UNITED as belittling Dominicans (even though Pastor Ralph, our campaign manager is Dominican)…. YET. Roque opportunely seizes the opportunity to state that he has a Dominican candidate on his slate? Does Roque think we are all idiots?

    At least Roque is an equal opportunist there! Vote Column D and let Roque and HCDO know exactly how you feel about them!

  2. It is a amazing that Wiley is protesting against Racisim and how this dumb cartoon insulted a lot of people but meanwhile he is yelling profanities and cursing at the Mayor and the two women that got out of the car with him. Mr. Wiley has no education or respect, he is a bully and his temper is going to get him in trouble. More then have of the people protesting were not even from West New York and several appeared to be thugs. His whole camp is riddled with issues. Dr. Roque is doing a great job why should we vote for Mr. Wiley and give him a Town in which he does not live in or care about?????

  3. And Roque is a bully and a dictator, and a phony. How can people be so stupid to believe in him? Oh wait, they don’t. They all get paid to praise him. The only support he has is from people he buys. We need to rid this town of him. He’s low class garbage who has hurt a lot of people and doesn’t care.

  4. What kind of a mayor allows offensive cartoons to be distributed in Town Hall? What kind of a man does that?? This guy is low class garbage and so is everyone else who supports him.

  5. Roque is also a coward, who is afraid to face the people in the candidates forum to be held on April 30th.
    Fonseca, Roque and the Roque candidates all ignored requests to appear. What are they afraid of????