HCDO Chair DeGise blasts Trump’s ‘disgusting’ voter fraud claims, talks uniting Democrats


Hudson County Democratic Organization Chair Amy DeGise blasted President Donald Trump’s (R) “disgusting” voter fraud claims, as well as how to unite the blue party going forward, during her appearance on HCV Live & Uncut yesterday.

“It’s disgusting: he knows the process and the people around him know the process but what’s important now is his language,” DeGise said during the live interview.

“He’s not even saying ‘rigged’, he’s using the word ‘steal’ like ‘they’re going to steal,’ insinuating a crime bringing up that law enforcement topic that so many Americans were really kind of battling with themselves on. That’s a really harsh word to use, he should be keeping his mouth shut, let his lawyers speak on his behalf, and just kind of monitor the process.”

While Trump called the election in his favor early Wednesday morning, Biden has since been declared the winner in Wisconsin and Michigan and now leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Decision Desk Headquarters called the race in Biden’s favor this morning, though many ballots still need to be counted so a formal announcement could still be a ways off.

As recently as last night, the president continued to insist that the election could be stolen if “illegal” ballots were counted and his campaign has failed legal challenges in several key swing states.

New Jersey Republicans including former Gov. Chris Christie, a key advisor to Trump at certain points during this campaign, and Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick have criticized Trump for making allegations of voter fraud without presenting proof.

At the time DeGise sat down for an extended conversation at the Hudson Media Group studio, yesterday at 2 p.m., Biden was leading 264 electoral votes to Trump’s 214, according to the Associated Press.

“We knew he [Trump] was going to say this, we knew that most blue states were voting by mail, that they were going to be able to count afterwards, they didn’t have the privilege that we did to start scanning in ballots 10 days before which is why it’s taking some time and they’re taking every precaution necessary,” she explained.

She added that the National Guard had been deployed to polling locations throughout the country to ensure a safe and fair election, noting that Trump should’ve have implemented even more measures if he thought the end result could in fact be corrupted.

Regarding the point of view that it was impossible for Biden to pick up hundreds and thousands of votes at a clip, DeGise again scoffed at that notion.

“It’s not impossible: those are votes that were sent in early and couldn’t have been scanned until the polls were closed,” also noting that every state has a varying allotted time period to cure ballots.

” … Those numbers are now siding with Biden and he’s calling foul, if those numbers were going the opposite way, if the Republican party had spent that much time trying to get out the vote-by-mail instead of battling and going to the polling place then they would’ve have more skin in the game.”

As far as where this leaves the Democratic party moving forward, DeGise admitted that Biden wasn’t her first, or even her second, choice for president, favoring at least U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Warren (D-NJ) over him.

Nevertheless, she feels that this is the perfect time for the progressive and more moderate wing of the party to come together and having a meeting of the minds.

“People were either blaming the Biden agenda for being too left for some of those middle states, people were blaming it for not being left enough, so there is sort of a reckoning that the Democratic party has to come to, just kind of build a platform that the majority of Democrats are happy with.”

Still, DeGise expressed confidence that Biden would be able to put together a cabinet that includes the up-and-coming members of the party and thought that selecting Kamala Harris as his vice president was a good first step.

“Hopefully, we can build the party together and come under leadership that we all trust in and feel motivated to vote for,” she continued.

“I don’t think you need to agree with a candidate and their platform and policies 100 percent, but I think you have to be motivated that you’ll build some consensus and common ground that gets you a certain percentage of what you’re looking for.”


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