WNY Kids First team talks bus dilemma, charter schools & politics in the BOE


The three-person West New York Kids First team, which consists of Patrick Cullen, Dr. Marie Volpe and Myrli Sanchez, spoke about several board of education issues in a sit-down interview with Hudson County View. The ticket will run in the in BOE election on November 4.  

The team of Patrick Cullen, Dr. Marie Volpe and Myrli Sanchez agree that it made sense to join forces since they wanted to remove political allegiances from the school board completely.

When addressing the possibility of a new bus route being added for school children now attending St. Joseph of the Palisades (the former high school), Cullen was quite clear that the ticket supports Superintendent John Fauta’s efforts on the issue 100 percent.

Dr. Volpe, a veteran educator, was adamant that, in her opinion, public and private charter schools do not have a place in West New York.

Jumping off on an earlier point, Sanchez spelled out the fact that the current school board is too political and therefore does not have the best interests of the children and parents in mind. 

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  1. did myrli honestly say the board is to political??? isn’t her husband running for commissioner?? isn’t she an employee in town hall under wiley?? sometimes people have a difficult time looking in the mirror!