Protesters try to upstage Menendez at Hispanic Heritage celebration


U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) honored Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at the fifth annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at Union City High School. However, protesters in the audience tried to steal the show when they vocalized their concerns during Menendez’s  speech. 

Menendez was on hand to honor Unvision anchor Jorge Ramos, a 30-year veteran of the journalistic field in the United States – who the senator referred to as “the hispanic Walter Cronkite.”

The packed auditorium, which had to have close to 1,000 people in attendance, saw both respected speakers tackle the hot button issue of immigration.

In the middle of Menendez’s 20-minute speech, protesters in the crowd began to chant in Spanish that they wanted their voices heard in regards to immigration reform.

A small group sitting in the upper level of the auditorium held up a sign that said “Stop deporting our families, NJ Communities United.”

Union City police appeared to politely ask those holding up the sign to leave before Menendez’s speech concluded.

Union City police did not immediately clarify if any arrests were made over the incident, though it did not look that way at a glance.

Ramos, staying true to his reporting roots, addressed the situation when he took the stage. 


  1. It is extremely obvious that Senator Menedez was unable calm passively the demonstrators exhibiting their first amendment right. This is the leader that supposedly represents us the Latino community. It’s truly ” CLEAR” that senator Menedez just leads the cause to his convenience. A) Millionaires Donations B) Vote . He is using this cause just like the Cuban embargo. To enrich his political campaign chest.

    Thank you to Mr. Jorge Ramos for your leadership,integrity, Honesty. Thank you for exhibiting interest in our peaceful demonstration,caring and offering to listen to our needs and concerns.

  2. How much more do you people want?

    Your group got and still gets the most of every hand up thought of and given last few decades. Laws are and continued to be broke to appease you all. Time to go it alone and stop using the disadvantage status.


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