WNY BOE candidate Joel Campos-Alvis blasts cronyism, wasteful spending, charter school platform


Independent West New York Board of Education candidate Joel Campos-Alvis sat down with Hudson County View to discuss why he’s running.

A relative newcomer to West New York, Campos-Alvis started by introducing himself to residents who may not know him.

Given his educational background, which includes masters degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Campos-Alvis answered whether it was realistic to think he could replicate his educational achievement with West New York kids, and whether more vocational programs were needed at the high school level.

He followed up by blasting wasteful spending that could go to after-school programs and the idea of a Charter School in West New York, as well as those running for the WNY BOE on the Chart School platform.

With so much controversy surrounding Superintendent of Schools John Fauta, Campos-Alvis said a new administrator was needed to lead the district forward, but that no one could succeed until politics were removed from the delivery of education.

Finally, Campos-Alvis talked about the politics of the race, stressing his independence.

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  1. Impressive and intellectually conveyed ideas.This ideology of an elected board is the quintessential way it should be,a political process to choose the members with no POLITRIX involved in or behind the scenes. The word corruption is mentioned no less than 3 times!Obviously this man is talking about the political elected Board of Comm. and their influence over every other aspect of this town specifically in this case the Board of Education. And unfortunately he is spot on.We must change these people who are running the system to eliminate the corruption.You just earned my vote sir,with something I cherish more than anything, common sense and intellect combined.

  2. Jose Munoz WHERE ARE YOU?

    How much did you sell yourself for to Roque and his Machine??? $$$$$

    Being a coward and abandoning the good people of West NY is your shame now Mr Munoz.