North Bergen DPW worker: James Wiley forced me to commit voter fraud


A North Bergen Department of Public Works employee testified in Hudson County Superior Court that former Superintendent James Wiley forced him to commit voter fraud in previous municipal elections. 


Paul Molinero, a North Bergen DPW employee, was called to testify in the trial of Department Supervisors Francis Longo and Troy Bunero two weeks ago, but continually exercised his 5th amendment right when questioned if he lived outside the township and yet voted in North Bergen anyway.

Paul Faugno, Longo’s attorney in the case, shed some light on the matter, also later bringing up that Wiley reported to the state AG’s Office that Molinero had been dealing drugs while operating DPW trucks.

Brian Neary, the lawyer for Bunero in the legal matter, argued that Molinero knew all along he had committed voter fraud, and he also knew it was a crime.

New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Julia Zukina questioned whether or not he knew about others engaging in voter fraud.

Mario Blanch, a staunch opponent of Mayor Nick Sacco nemesis Larry Wainstein, filed a voter fraud lawsuit against dozens of pro-administration voters back in March.

At the time, a Sacco campaign spokesman said the lawsuit was “full of ridiculous lies and deliberate falsehoods.”

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