Witness: James Wiley bullied NB DPW workers, falsified a work order for his home


A majority of yesterday’s Hudson County Superior Court proceedings for the trial of Troy Bunero and Francis Longo, two supervisors for the North Bergen Department of Public Works, revolved around what type of work environment then-Superintendent James Wiley created for his employees.


Mary Rossillo, a township hall employee that used to collect timesheets and prepared payroll for DPW in the same office as Wiley, was on the stand for hours answering questions about how sick and vacation time, as well as overtime, were distributed to workers.

Eventually, the defense team of Brian Neary and Paul Faugno wanted to know how Wiley treated his workers. Rossillo clarified that neither Bunero or Longo ever asked her to falsify or alter their timesheets in any way.

New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Victor Salgado implied that the picture being painted by the defense was exaggerated, since it made no sense for an employee to endure abuse for eight straight years.

Additionally, Rossillo stated that she did not recall Wiley ever threatening workers by telling them there would be repercussions if they did not remove campaign literature during an election.

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