With Cunningham out of Hoboken’s 5th Ward race, Maganuco looks to challenge Cohen

With Hoboken Councilman Peter Cunningham not seeking re-election in November, the 5th Ward race is wide open and it appears that political newcomer Nicola Maganuco is poised to challenge Phil Cohen – who is running on a slate backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Nicola Maganuco. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“You need a fresh perspective on that council and I do want to do that, I want to bring new energy and positivity, bring change: I’m motivated to do that so that’s why I’m officially announcing my candidacy for Hoboken City Council, the 5th Ward,” Maganuco said in a video posted on his Facebook page on Sunday.

” … We’re seeing trends in this country of people running for office at a young age, like Pete Buttigieg running for office as president and you also have Alexandria [Ocasio]-Cortez – who’s our congresswoman and is just as young. And I have a message … if you have vision and you can execute that vision: it doesn’t matter what your age is.”

A finance professional who works in New York City, Maganuco founded the @HobokenCommuter Twitter handle, which promotes local commuter issues and traffic alerts, in March 2018.

Maganuco told HCV that he feels this a great opportunity to advocate for better public transit options and to give the council a voice for the city’s population between the ages of 18 and 34.

“Advocating for improvement of public transit, especially as our population continues to grow exponentially, is my biggest platform. Over 50% of the resident use public transit and there isn’t a true voice on the council that advocates for improvements to alleviate the congestion on our crowded busses and trains especially during peak periods,” he said in an email.

“Residents are also frustrated with parking and there has yet to see significant parking improvements. Capping the amount of permits we issue, lowering fares on our municipal garages, and increasing the promotion of our municipal options (garages and lots) are some of the solutions.”

Maganuco also said that the city issues around 15,000 parking permits when there are only 10,00 parking spaces, noting that he would also like to see the city invest in smart technology to help improve Hoboken’s water infrastructure issues.

The non-partisan Hoboken ward council races will be held on November 5th.

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    • He keeps saying Bhalla’s team has never participated in the battles that Roman cares about and are therefore unqualified. Nick in the 5th hasn’t either. So Roman will say he is unqualified. Because Roman is always ethically consistent.

      • Where did he say that? That’s true though except for one. I saw Hobokenhorse.com reported this earlier today and HCV confirmed it so this finance professional is a candidate.

        There’s nothing about him being unqualified. Mr. Maganuco is involved in an important government issue unlike most all of Ravi Bhalla’s candidates. So I think you’re wrong and Horsey will not say he’s unqualified since Nick has been focused on Hoboken transportation. Nothing wrong with a focus on this issue but I guess this makes the mayor’s office mad. Hoboken Transportation is an issue

        • Mr. Magancuco was bright enough to understand it is not in his best interests speak to Roman and his blog followers. They have already hijacked his announcement to continue their psychotic hatred politics.
          The last thing a candidate who wants to brand himself as a young and fresh is to roll around in the mud with a handful of bitter old political hacks.

          • A Friday report based on an announcement on Twitter is hardly hijacking. “They” only discussed what Nick himself announced. You people working for Ravi Bhalla need to start coming up with new lies. These lies don’t last 24 hours.

          • In 2011, her record stood up fine. A stupid idiot paid political operative for Ravi and can’t make an argument only attack good people because you’re a big a$$hole.

          • You can’t cite any qualifications for Giattino in 2011.

            Calling everyone a stupid idiot paid political operative when they ask you a simple, civil question just makes you look like a stupid idiot paid political operative. And makes Giattino look like someone who depends upon stupid idiot paid political operatives. The latter is more problematic, but not something you’d be expected to understand.

            I’m sure Bhalla’s team is grateful for the way you keep “helping” your candidates though.

          • So in other words, you can’t claim otherwise so you claim others don’t know although plenty of people know all about Jen Giattino’s role in Hoboken in 2011 for the BoE and the homeless and her support for Reform in 2009. Shoot, there’s a rather famous picture of her campaign activities back then in major media too.

            But since you don’t can’ cite anything against her superlative record other than pedantic know nothing retorts, this is nothing more than a failed device to capture a fish with no bait. Not even a dumbass catfish would fall for that. Would they?

          • After learning the appalling fact (now proven) about Hoboken’s VBM election fraud, Giattino volunteered hours of her time for both the Zimmer and Kid’s First Campaigns in an effort to oust corrupt politicians. She also spearheaded the LOTS program (Lunch on Tuesdays) at the homeless shelter. I’d call that community participation, although she wasn’t a political wonk by any stretch. Such participation targeted Hoboken’s most needy rather than a narcissistic mommy social club using children for photo ops, press releases and springboards onto the city council even though she was a mom of three.

            Probably her biggest selling point that drew Stan to make the executive call that she was the one to tap for the 6th ward race, was that she was a Republican and Dawn played “republican” as a big part of her campaign strategy and continued to do so to keep a happy solid base of Republican support at the time. When Dawn was sucking up to Christie she needed someone to sit on stage with her at a Christie event and none of council members would, so she tapped Giattino to sit up on the stage with her. After that, while other potential challengers to Giacchi were being considered, Stan dismissed them all in favor of the unassuming Republican. It was an interesting, politically calculated choice at the time, but ultimately a good one as Giattino dutifully served all of her constituents regardless of who they were or whether or not they supported her candidacy.

            Once elected Giattino quickly invested energy into learning the details of the broad spectrum of municipal issues at the time, parks, the hospital sale, bike lanes, waterfront repairs, resiliency, etc.. Although a Zimmer ally, she wasn’t just doing what the mayor told her to do and voting the way the mayor instructed her. She listened, learned and dissected the issues and cast her votes on the city council accordingly.

          • Egads! True that “Giattino volunteered hours of her time for both the Zimmer and Kid’s First Campaigns in an effort to oust corrupt politicians” which makes it “appalling” that now she’s running with “corrupt politicians” the sort she once opposed. Appalling! Running with the corrupt, repped by the Sacco hit squad. This angel has dirty wings. Spin THAT, oppo queen.

          • Name calling aside (moron, stupid idiot paid political operative), which appears to be all you have in the tank, you have illustrated the double-standard that is acceptable to you.

            Namely, Giattino ran with no meaningful credentials in 2011. You have cited none, but keep insisting that others need to show up with a resume that impresses you personally.

            Now I’m sure you’ll come back with yet more insults to make up for the fact that you have nothing to add. Have at it. Just know that every angry but otherwise meaningless comment does nothing but make your candidate look like someone who is aces with the angry but otherwise meaningless set.

  1. It’s uncanny how Peter Cunningham was able to predict the emergence of an “independent” candidate.

    He seems quite vibrant and full of energy and frsh ideas, just like Mike DeFusco who certainly doesn’t know him and had nothing to do with his candidacy since he is refreshingly independent. Kind of like Mike was in 2015.

    Making buses less crowded at rush hour is an impressively vibrant platform. I wonder why Peter Cunningham wasn’t able to get that done? Maybe he isn’t young and vibrant enough!

      • Yeah at least it’s not a FOOD Blogger who’s family owned a corrupt civic association with Anthony Russo

        And then there’s Cricco the bff’s of the Corea’s
        Ask her about the bank
        Open up the flood gets

        The Oppo research on Ravis ticket will make your heads explode

        Bombs Away Nerd boy

    • Phil Cohen approved MORE Variances than DeFusco
      Let’s never forget he was with Mason then Cammarano.
      The essence of a political WHORE

    • You and your puppet wife ( who had to decline from running )
      Loved DeFusco
      Heck, you loved Cunningham, Mason, Garcia, Vance, Marsh, DeFusco and many others but now despise!

      They can’t all be bad, after all you and Ravi are in bed with Terry, Uncle George and Squatter Mikey Squared

  2. Spare us lindalou, this candidate reeks of run no matter who supports or endorses him written all over this and probably has nothing to do with Peter Cunningham other than the candidate (and his ego) see Cunningham not running as his the perfect opportunity to grab that golden ring. Spurred on by Mayor Pete’s candidacy and AOC’s election victory he’s looking to launch himself (as is, at least, one other elected official.) If there are a few more like him and 1 or 2 more Perrys that jump in, the 5th Warders may have several choices instead of 1 candidate waltzing in. If nothing else, that’s a good thing.

  3. Hmm, I’m confused. He makes a big deal about the commuting, getting more buses, etc. Does he realize the city council doesn’t oversee NJ Transit?

    • And Ravi says he’ll stand up to Trump and fight climate change
      Guess Stan and His nerd trip hate that the guy isn’t into Scat tomatoes , gets multiple municipal paychecks, owes Russo something or has ties to old guard
      Stan go away, your vile bile is tiring
      You really need to shut your trap or you will soon be a liability.

      Write in any diary’s for the wifey lately ?

  4. It’s a good sign that the Bhalla/GrossZimmer people are attacking everyone.
    The word out is Bhalla’s slate performed miserably in his poll.
    Only Phil Cohen registered within a striking distance.
    Any incumbent slate that starts out early sliming, defaming, trashing and slandering just shows everyone they are desperate.
    No doubt more midnight flyers will
    appear on windshields and gutters.
    They have Nancy churning out garbage against these brave people who step up against the Russo resurgence.
    Russo isn’t on Bhalla’s slate, even worse he’s behind it.
    Team Russo-Bhalla-GrossZimmer are willing to run some of the most connected old guard families in exchange for a rubber stamp council.

    • Everyone with half a brain never bought DeFusco’s cover story that his people made and distributed that racist mid-night flyer. Judging by the lunatic fringe posting here in support of DeFusco on this site it reinforces the belief that it was a DeFusco approved that racist flyer.

  5. Trashing this guy within minutes of his announcement!
    That’s a good sign PhilBot is in trouble.
    The Stronger Foundation PAC must be holding back their cheques until they see better numbers from Team Old Guard -Bhalla.
    No strong Mayor or slate or smart strategist would act the way GA and Linda Lou / Numbers Cruncher are acting.

    When they open their mouths the go low and lower.


    • Only one Alt Right lunatic jackass, his giant jerkoff pal (with his 5 fingered lady friend) , the perpetually angry NHSA commissioner and one or two paid Vision Media flacks. Not one leader in that sad stew.

      • Wrong Wrong Wrong
        Keep thinking it’s three angry old men.
        Election Day will prove you all wrong

        Stan is angry, Vijay is nasty and Jason is a brat so what’s worse your 3 or their 3 men?

        Stan Grossbard is an old fart who thinks he’s cool because his wife was popular for a short while.

        He should stop spewing his nasty strategies against the citizens who made his wife who she was.

        They are running an old guard slate and are panicking at lousy poll results

        • Zimmer was mayor during the transformative period that took the city from control by the likes of Peter Cammarano and Beth Mason to a professionally run city. A city with problems but with means of resolving those problems so long as thoughtful people are willing to roll up their sleeves and work together.

          Anyone who can only sniff that Zimmer “was popular for a short while” is de facto not someone to be counted among the thoughtful people willing to roll up their sleeves and work together. Just a bitter hack with a small mind and smaller heart.

          • Laugh now, Ravi will be lucky if Phil isn’t the only victor in Nov.
            Nora and the others are CLOWNS

            PS avoid GA it has spyware