Wiley, Betancourt formally announce team up in WNY, rip Roque, HCDO


West New York Commissioner Count Wiley and former mayoral hopeful Carlos Betancourt officially joined forces under the West New York United banner on Tuesday, with former town board of education candidates Hector Hernandez, Myrli Sanchez and Thomas Leung joining the cause.


During an introduction of the team, Hector Hernandez called the current state of affairs in West New York the worst he’s ever seen after living in the town for decades.

When the candidates opened up the event for questions from the media, Wiley told Hudson County View that outgoing Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz is still considered an ally even though he isn’t on the ticket and the door will always be open for anyone to help do what’s best for West New York.

After the presser concluded, Wiley and Betancourt elaborated on their newfound partnership with Hudson County View.

Furthermore, they both expressed their confidence against incumbent Mayor Felix Roque and his ticket, even though he will enter May 2015 with the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization.

Fellow West New York United members Myrli Sanchez and Thomas Leung could not attend the event, as Sanchez was being treated at the hospital for minor injuries after falling outside of town hall earlier in the day, while Leung had commitments he had to fulfill at work. 

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  1. If the citizens of WNY attended town hall meetings…they wud know Count Wiley is head over heels the most Committed, Dedicated & Honest possible alternative to Fidel; oops no I meant Felix…No Freudian slip; I Did mean Fidel!