Sources: West New York SWAT apprehends mentally ill man armed with knife


The West New York police department’s SWAT team responded to a disturbance on Broadway, where a mentally ill man pulled a knife on his brother and initially avoided going into police custody, sources and an eyewitness told Hudson County View. 


Sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to speak on the matter, said police responded to a call about a burglar armed with a knife who was attempting to rob an apartment, later allegedly threatening to set the building on fire.

When police arrived, they found out that a man with psychological problems got into a heated dispute with his brother, which saw him throw chairs, an air conditioner and other objects outside of the apartment window at cop cars.

Police directed residents to stay in their apartment until a hostage negotiator got the mentally disturbed man to surrender.

An eyewitness, who is a minor, corroborated a majority of the story with Hudson County View.

North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue responded to the scene in the event of a potential fire hazard.


  1. To bad Denny didn’t get to dress up and play his part the hero in this case… Better luck next time Sgt Acosta. (Hey Sgt Halloween is over, your uniform is the real deal!)

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