West New York Town Hall employee, Blaettler spar over job performance


The West New York electrical subcode official, who has seven part-time jobs in total, is verbally sparring with private investigator Joe Blaettler over whether or not he is performing his job responsibilities in town.


Surveillance footage shows that West New York’s Electrical Subcode Official, Nick Lordo, who has seven part-time jobs and earns about $187,000 a year, ran personal errands while on the clock in the North Hudson municipality on a handful of occasions in July and August.

Additionally, in one instance back in December 22 of last year, Lordo has overlapping hours he was paid for in West New York and Clifton, according to timesheets provided to Hudson County View – though he chalked that up to some sort of clerical error.

Lordo, who is employed by Glen Rock, Rutherford, East Rutherford, Clifton, Midland Park/Ho-Ho-Kus (the two municipalities have an interlocal agreement), Guttenberg and West New York – the latter where he earns about $64,000 a year and receives health benefits.

East Coast Private Investigations’ Joe Blaettler, who has previously spoken out against town inspectors Manny Fernandez and Frank Recanati, made similar allegations about Lordo: stating he routinely showed up to work late, ate breakfast at a dine and stopped in at his house during the work day, among other things.

Lordo essentially disputed everything Blaettler said, explaining that “I’m never [getting paid to be] in two places at one time,” adding that he does pick up lunch to eat in his office from here and there.

He further stated that he rarely works in West New York during the week of Christmas, noting that the West New York timesheet that was forwarded to us did not have his initials – possibly indicating a clerical error or that someone accidentally clocked in and out under his name.

He also acknowledged stopping home during the work day, but said the reason for that is he does not use public restrooms.

As far as showing up to work late, Lordo said he reviews office plans before the building is open, explaining that it’s “easier to commit yourself to that” when no one’s around at 7:30 a.m.

Finally, he did admit that he went to breakfast with Fernandez and Recanati, but said it was never a secret and the whole office was aware they were going to get something to eat, adding he is accessible 24 hours a day on his cell phone if there was ever something pressing happening.

He also defended having eight jobs by explaining he typically works 12 hours a day, had a starting salary of $15,000 a year in West New York and has inspection licenses for housing, electrical, construction, building fire and hotel/multiple dwellings.

West New York spokeswoman Natalia Novas said in an email that the matter would be “reviewed,” but the town declined to comment further since the issue at hand “deals with personnel.”

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  1. What’s new here?… Rewards for the Lordo’s family bussiness of running the Town employee Union.
    Glad I retired from that Rotten Corrupt Town!

    FBI & State of NJ are just as Corrupt for not doing anything about West NY Corruption!

  2. Where are the town wanna be’s with comments on this story . They all had their mouths open about how they would clean up the corruption before the election . Now they’re gone . (. Bought off with jobs ) everybody knows so why you all can’t and don’t comment.

  3. I know the Lordo of family,I like them however under my father’s regime and rule this would never have been allowed. What the hell is going on in West New York?I can’t get hired for a job for $30,000 , entry level,l but we have people who are working out of town -who have multiple jobs – that could not possibly complete these jobs without a time machine. And shame on the other towns that are putting these people in the payroll and neglecting their constituents, there spitting in the face of all of us.they want people who are not going to be around and keep their mouth shut about what corruption is actually going on. They do not want people who are going to show up and do an honest job and possibly get pissed off and inform to the news media or the legal authorities corruption that they see. . When my father was mayor ,he infected people with honesty…now the infection is complacency and corruption. things will change. By the way I do not see anyone who ran for office at the Commission meeting anymore other than myself. Where have they gone?its like all these new Mets fans cheering for them at the World Series frontrunners…but you have to be in the game from the time they sing the national anthem and salute the flag don’t show up in the ninth inning, I will call you out.

  4. Defino Boy you got played for being the Dummy ticket… Hahaha you got what you deserved for selling yourself..

    This Lordo Son (Scammer) is privileged because what his Father and Mother do to hush and keep quiet WNY and JC HC employees by running the Union. You know like you and your sister were at one time.. Oh that’s right Nicole is taken care of still…

    You look like a fool to people JR that really know how you ruined the past election for a job and a promise…. Keep running your mouth and postings. You really aren’t the victim… just an Assh@le

    • This piece is about Lordo, not DeFino, but morons like yourself will deflect, as usual, trying to take the heat off of the person who screwing off. It’s Lordo in case you forgot already. Assuming youre from wny, you should be offended by bad behavior from these employees, but you’re not. Instead you choose to rag on others. You’re just as bad as they are. But what do you care? You’re obviously living in a glass house with the rest of the pieces of ****.

      Nothing will be done. As usual. Everyone will turn a blind eye. Felix is non-existent so he doesn’t even matter. Sue, who really only cares about distributing day old donuts to the employees in true “let them eat cake” fashion; Margarita who? Gabe, what’s his last name….. And Cosmo, you’re the biggest disappointment of all. None of you will even address this or the numerous other issues youre all aware of.

      You are all the problem now. You can no longer blame inexperience or the previous administration. The blind eye you turn, belongs to you.

  5. How absolutely disgusting. Nobody cares about doing the right thing.
    All the dishonest, unethical, unprincipled, corrupt people seem to find their way to town hall in WNY,
    It will never end.

    • When you run for public office pretending to be an activist and a reformer you don’t disappear after the election . That only proves you only ran to be self serving to begin with. So all you phony reformers who disappeared make sure you never try to run for office again because the voters will most certainly will remember you.

  6. Yes..advice from :” phony name” no balls..no more explaining . people like you are just weak and phony.Nothing positive to contribute and a proliferator of rumors that continue to be the cause of why the people who run the system continue to run the system because you don’t have the balls to reveal yourself and tell what you know if you know if anything.I am still here,fighting for my town actually the people of the town. Where are your supporters where are the people you supported they don’t show up to anything and they’re the ones who are getting jobs.Stop living in the past,otherwise soon enough it’s just time for you to get left behind “juju”.and I have never worked for the town of West New York. yet

    • Tony , I didn’t run for public office but I have to give you credit for being around after the election , is it to try and get that entry level job you talked about or because you really care. I’m talking about all the guys who disappeared after the election , like that little nerd, the Irish guy. I forgot his name already . What a piece of work he is.

  7. Mr.Gumbotz…I did not run to get a job.per se… the job I was trying to get was commissioner. these people will not hire me. They do not want someone who is going to look for problems in order to solve them. I will unabashedly say being an elected official is easy, if you do not lie and are not corrupt then you have nothing to worry about just do your job. But with these people and all of them. basically they have to lie because they’re doing what they’re told because they are beholden to other politicians who have a racket going on. Yes I said it.there is a simple strategy to become a politician and it is open an organization throw fundraisers be involved in your community etc etc which is very difficult if you don’t have a bag of money in your attic or or a millionaire or are in the system already with them.What normal person does community service and has fundraisers but does not really want to be involved in politics by definition that is politics. So that will be in the future but right now I wanted to make a change in what I saw as being egregious abuse of the system and an impotent leader…who allowed others to run our town into the grave. now our bones are being picked. development of a community starts with the people in the community and taking care of the inhabitants that already live there not making boxes for people who are going to come here, that’s for developers or just call them “others”

  8. Anthony M. Defino JR is it true you also are referring to Mayor Sacco of NB? I was told you where bad mouthing Mayor Sacco for his great work in West New York? Why will they not hire you for a job in West New York? The real reason being?