West New York teacher suspended over theft, credit card fraud charges


A West New York teacher was suspended with pay after getting hit with theft by deception and credit card fraud charges last month and Hudson County View has exclusively obtained a copy of the criminal complaint. 


Cesar Sabino, 32, of West New York, was charged with two counts of theft by deception (third degree) and credit card fraud (fourth degree), according to the criminal complaint.

The two-page complaint says that on or about November 18th in Howell, New Jersey, Sabino “knowingly and willingly failed to correct a false impression which he previously created.”

Specifically, he allegedly opened up a false bank account with Verizon Wireless under the name “BBT Logistics,” which he was not authorized to do by the owner.

BBT Logistics is a freight trucking company that has an office in Newark.

On November 13, Sabino is accused of using this account to purchase two iPhone 6’s at a value of $749.99 each.

On November 18th, Sabino allegedly committed a nearly identical crime, except purchasing three iPhone 6’s for $749.99 a piece, instead of two, in this instance. Therefore, the total cost of the five phones comes out to $3,749.95.

The final charge is the result of Sabino allegedly making false statements about his identity in writing, using the Tax ID of BBT Logistics to open up a credit line with Verizon Wireless.

As only Hudson County View reported on November 28, Sabino, a physical education teacher at West New York School No. 1 and Albio Sires Elementary School, was suspended almost immediately after his arrest.

According to public records, Sabino earned a $56,663 salary for the 2013-2014 school year.

The matter is currently being handled by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, have since revealed that he has been suspended with pay.

A cell phone number previously used by Sabino was out of service this afternoon.

A copy of the criminal complaint can be read here.

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    • Nothing will happen to him. He is protected by the Roque clan, you’ll see. Just like the teacher that brought the gun in the building and the cover up afterwards. WNY has become a sewer.

  1. John Heinis, your West New York followers are very much interested in knowing who will is being hired to replace Silvio Acosta in the DPW and if Silvio is being given any other paid position in WNY and also what is his starting date for his retirement and finally what is his pension amount ? Thank you for looking into the above for a group of concerned WNY residents.