West New York police use detective work to arrest 4 burglary suspects


After obtaining fingerprints, reviewing surveillance footage and analyzing a detailed suspect description, the West New York Police Department arrested four men on burglary charges earlier this month. West New York burglary

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Kurt Guzman, 35, and Kirby Ruiz, 34, both of Union City, were charged with burglary and theft in connection to an incident on January 11th, the department announced in a news release.

Back on January 11th, West New York police were called regarding a break in and burglary on the 400th block of 65th Street during the prior weekend, authorities said.

Police obtained video footage and ran analysis of the crime scene, recovering fingerprints that led to the arrests of Guzman and Ruiz on January 15th – who both had outstanding warrants out of Jersey City and Union City, respectively, officials said.

Another burglary occurred at 12:20 a.m. on January 14th on the 400th block of 51th Street, where an unknown party attempted to gain entry into the ground floor apartment through a side window. However, the suspect was then startled by the resident and fled the scene, police said.

West New York police detectives canvased the area and retrieved surveillance video footage, which positively identified the suspect:

Darwin Basora, 24 of West New York, was charged with attempted burglary, authorities said.

A third burglary occurred between the hours of 4:00 and 4:20 p.m. on January 16th ar Westover Place, officials said.

The suspect approached the victim’s home claiming to be a PSE&G worker. The man proceeded to force his way into the residence and inspected each room of the home. The victim voiced she did not want him in her home and asked him to leave, police said.

While in the apartment, the suspect made inappropriate sexual comments and gestures towards the victim. The victim’s sister entered the home and the suspect fled the scene, authorities said.

A detailed description of the suspect was distributed to all units immediately after the report was issued and then on January 19th, the West New York police spotted a person fitting the description of the suspect. Although the suspect became combative, he was still placed under arrest, officials said.

Rafael Beltre, 28, of Bayonne, was charged with with burglary, aggravated sexual contact, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, police said.

“These are fine examples of the dedication and hard work of our Police Department. I am extremely proud of our men and women in blue,” Mayor Felix Roque said in a statement.

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  1. “These are fine examples of the dedication and hard work of our Police Department. I am extremely proud of our men and women in blue,” Mayor Felix Roque said in a statement.
    Cut the BS. It’s there damn job. There suppose to do it that way. Stop the hero crap for points Mayor.

  2. Good work West New York Police. Dept.
    This is scary, impersonating workers to gain entry has only mal intent. Always ask for identification from someone requesting to check anything in your home/apt. , from a company.and call the company to verify that they are an employee. If this person is there for legitimate reasons they should have no problem complying. Otherwise call the police immediately. Again good work in West New York Police Department,protecting and serving the community.

  3. What about Silvio Acosta ? He didn’t retire yet and he’s on the payroll for well over $100,000 a year and has no job and no duties . The taxpayers are being ripped off and no action on this is being taken . John please do a follow up on this and get some answers for the taxpayers