West New York police promote 5 officers at Town Hall ceremony


The West New York Police Department promoted five officers on Thursday afternoon, adding one captain, two lieutenants and two sergeants to their ranks.


“The future here in West New York is to grow the community and to make sure we protect each and everyone out there that needs help,” West New York Mayor Felix Roque said during the ceremony.

“And we are outgrowing, and we are in a deficit of police officers and now through the leadership of my [Police] Director [Robert] Antolos and the fantastic captains in the police department, we were able to recruit new individuals to make the department even stronger.”

Earlier thanking the families of the officers for supporting them in the work they do, as well as the efforts of the local Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), before stating he still plans on bringing a military school to town.

“We have a brighter future, God willing, we’re looking into opening a military academy in the near future for kids who need help. And we’re doing greater things with our police force,” the mayor added.

At the ceremony, Sergio Sanchez was promoted to captain, Sammy Lara and and Michael Clement earned the distinction of lieutenant and Karriem Shabazz and Michael Acosta received the rank of sergeant.

Acosta, the openly gay son of former deputy mayor and current Board of Education Trustee Silvio Acosta, settled a discrimination suit with the department in May for about $30,000.

The resolution approved by the town’s board of commissioners in May did not state anything about Acosta receiving a promotion as part of settling the litigation.

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    • Do you know these officers? You’re calling them criminals. Where’s your evidence? Have you gone to the Prosecutor’s Office with your allegations and “proof”? Didn’t think so. You wouldn’t want to get charged with Slander, would you? Now shut your pie hole and get your shoe shine box jerk!

  1. Did Acosta ever complete his 30 day suspension or was that swept under the rug like his old man’s many violations?

    The answer will be “it’s a personnel matter” but since he has been promoted, I believe we have the right to know.

    In fact, I demand we be told. Roque and Colacurcio should answer for this. Immediately.

    • hopefully wishfull thinking now they can stop the hanging out in front of buildings like there out at the beach and earn there new ranks. I have never seen so much of people doing that here like now.

      • What do you know about them? Nothing. They are a million reasons they could be out there. I guarantee you that they’re minding their business! You should try it.

  2. Congrats to the promoted individuals. It’s hard to do the job that you do. If you got it, you earned it, despite what anyone may think or say out of their ignorant mouths. Keep up the good work Director Antolos. Your troops support you and will do what they need to for the safety and security of the fine and upstanding residents of this great town. The jerkoffs talking smack are probably low life criminals that have been arrested multiple times for drugs, driving drunk or beating their wives. Ignore the negativity and continue to do what’s necessary to make this town great! I commend you Director Antolos and Mayor Roque.

  3. What happened to the beat cops!!!! The ones who back the 70’s and 80’s when the cops walked around area they are patrolling and got to know the kids and the adults they are sworn to protect… They’re driving around and talking on their cell phones. But if you or I did we are getting tickets id love to see a poll of how many P.O’s live in town!!! My guess not many and that is SADNESS

  4. A cop who unlawfully runs a motorist’s plate number and causes the town to pay a settlement with that motorist should not have been promoted. He has lost the trust of those he is sworn to protect. Congratulations to. Sanchez, Lara, Clement and Shabazz.