West New York police promote 3 new sergeants, 3 new lieutenants


The West New York Police Department promoted three new sergeants and three new lieutenants at a small ceremony for family and friends on Friday.

Facebook photo via Mayor Felix Roque.
Facebook photo via Mayor Felix Roque.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At the ceremony, Jackson Perez, William Kelly and Erwin Moreno were promoted to lieutenant, while Craig Miskovitz, Steven Rusch and Edward Rivera earned the distinction of sergeant.

“These officers go above and beyond, I know very well how important promotions are to these gentlemen and their families,” Mayor Felix Roque, the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, said in a statement.

“These officers earned their rank and are here to ensure that our community is safe – they give back to the community every opportunity they have – donating their time with the Junior Police Academy, Holiday Toy Drive, Thanksgiving food collection and to various other local organizations – it is my pleasure and honor to oversee these promotions.”

Police Director Robert Antolos also gushed about the newly promoted officers and the current morale in the police department.

“The group of officers that got promoted today not only do their job, they do it very well. They exemplify all that community is about, and they do a great job. They give back to the community, going above for the residents of West New York,” Antolos added.

“In my 40 years on the job, we have never had as much support from the mayor and board of commissioners as we do now thanks to the leadership of Mayor Roque.”

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