LETTER: West New York commissioner didn’t put kids safety first, football coach says


In a letter to the editor, a West New York youth football coach says he will not be returning next season since he doesn’t feel Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo and the recreation department put the safety of the athletes first. Jack Rodriguez

Dear Editor,

Over the winter of 2014 and the spring of 2015, Chris Costello and I put in countless hours, sacrificed family time, made countless phone calls, purchased items to better the program from our own pockets, and were given the okay at that time to dismantle what passed for the football program in this town and create something good.

Through all that time Chris and I had been working with Tiffany Marcano and she was fully on board and was willing to help us get what we wanted and more importantly make the changes these kids needed.

It was completely refreshing to have a genuine caring partner in town hall. We had productive meetings with Pop Warner and they were willing to welcome us in to the fold. Everything that Pop Warner offers is what this town desperately needs. There is accountability and structure in that league, top to bottom.

Things we desperately need here. We were all set to go into the league and we couldn’t have been more excited. Then Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo came on board and put the whammy on all our plans. We were furious to say the least. To further complicate things we couldn’t get answers from him.

I wrote emails to Commissioner Cirillo that he never bothered to respond to. I confronted him at a town hall meeting seeking answers to his decision for keeping us in the Hudson County Youth Football League (HCFYL) but all he could manage was the same thing he continues to say to this day:

That he didn’t feel comfortable making the decision to move us to Pop Warner without all the facts. I told him that I felt that he was being disingenuous because Chris Costello, Tiffany Marcano, Luis Baez and I had done all the legwork for him. ALL of it.

We got the commissioner everything he could possibly need to make a very informed decision. He chose not to move us, and that is a decision that baffles me to this day.

I’ve been in meetings with Jorge Gomez and the commissioner where they said things like, “Well, if it’s good enough for every other town in the league it’s good enough for us” “We have rivalries with towns in our league like North Bergen and Union City, we don’t have any history with any of the towns in Pop Warner.”

I don’t understand how a silly rivalry with a neighboring town is a valid enough reason for keeping your children in this league. Is a child in a wheelchair or worse a valid reason? I think not.

For those of you that like to say, “My god why does he have to go to extremes and worst case scenarios?!” Because I’m a parent, I care about my child and I could give a rats behind about idiotic things like town rivalries and if everybody jumps off the bridge I’ll do it too logic.

I had a meeting with Mike Ascolese in Tiffany Marcano’s office this past spring where he proceeded to tell me that, “If the kids can’t take the banging maybe they should play soccer or something like that.” Mike Ascolese runs the HCYFL along with Bill White. What a heartless and uninformed thing to say in my opinion.

That comment and the ones made by the commissioner and Jorge Gomez do not sound at all like the opinions of men I would entrust with the safety of your children. I don’t apologize if I sound angry because I am.

I’m furious. I am a big fan of logic and I lose it when grown men or women refuse to use it. Dear parents, if you take anything away from this letter I hope it is this.

This sport that I coach and we let our children participate in is a combat sport. In this sport you use your body for all intents and purposes as a missile to “kill the guy with the ball”. In all combat sports in this country, and around the world for that matter weight classes have been implemented when it comes to combat sports.

Why? Let’s take boxing as an example: in boxing you use a closed fist to strike your opponent over and over on his body and preferably the head to render him unable to continue, effectively the aim is to knock your opponent out.

Back in 1909 the powers that be in boxing realized that you cannot have a participant outweigh the other by a ridiculous margin, it’s not only competitively unfair to the smaller man but it is potentially lethal.

Logic dictates that the bigger man has the potential to land a much heavier and substantial blow simply because of his body size, and he only needs to land one to do significantly more damage than his smaller opponent, so they instituted weight classes.

Another example is MMA, mixed martial arts: I’m a huge fan of MMA since day one. Back in the day, MMA was called “human cockfighting” and it was outlawed for many years in most states across the country.

MMA too eventually came to the realization that if they wanted to be recognized as a true sport, they had to implement weight classes. They did so and by doing so automatically made it a safer sport.

It makes me seriously wonder why Commissioner Cirillo and Jorge Gomez cannot and will not provide legitimate reasons for keeping your children in this league. The thought is abhorrent and their reasoning deeply flawed. Commissioner Cirillo says on the WNYREC.org site:

” … I am committed to continuing the expansion of our programs and providing our children with the best experience possible. Together we can work to form a robust department that will engage and serve all the residents of the Town of West New York.”

And he goes on to further say, “Please know my door is always open for questions, comments or ideas. Together we can work to form a robust department that will engage and serve all the residents of the Town of West New York.”

“As the people of this town, your input is valuable to me as I work to expand the vision of the department.”

Parents, do you find this statement to be true in any way when it comes to the children in WNY Recreation football?

Educate yourself and those around you just a tiny bit with the links at the end of this rant Mr. commissioner. So  it is with a heavy heart that I’m letting you know that I will not be returning to coach football in this town any time soon.

Jack Rodriguez








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  1. The commissioner and director made the best decision getting rid of those clowns all they were doing was creating more problems and drama for no reason

  2. How can Jack say that when he cheated by not moving up the kids who are suppose to move up. We are in the same league as North Bergen, Union City, Jersey City, Bayonne, Kearny, Passaic. Football is a contact sport and no matter if we were in Pop Warner or not won’t make it 100 percent safety proof against injuries. My son William got hurt this season at a practice scrimmage going up against the heavyweights where he fractured his tibia and needed surgery to put a screw in. He never once complained about getting injured. If anything he was more upset about not being able to play with his team and the 1st thing he said to me after his injury was dad next year I will be a beast and play smarter and stronger. My son loves football and he knows the risk associated with it and wants to play. He doesn’t want to go Pop Warner as he knows Pop Warner tries to shield kids against injuries because they play within a weight limit but that will all be out the door when they get to highschool. I can guarantee my son will be ready for highschool football level when he gets there by staying in the league we are in. However, if WNY had gone Pop Warner than he wouldn’t be ready for highschool football due to how Pop Warner is structured. The same coaches who have been glamouring to have their kids play in Pop Warner should be ashamed of themselves for cheating by moving kids who were in the middleweights back down to the lightweights and then almost getting our league disqualified by brainwashing kids parents that their kids would be better off playing in Pop Warner and then on the last game of our season all of a sudden putting ineligible kids to play on the team that didn’t play all season. A lot of this also stems from former Football director Chris Costello who somehow brainwashed a lot of the kids by taking them to waterparks, etc. I will use Wendall as a perfect example – he is a Cuban kids who also looks Dominican . He weights about maybe 5 to 10 pounds more than my son William and this kid would have been a beast in the middleweights. However, he never even tried to move up as his father was brainwashed by Chris Costello and he became good friends with Chris’s son. These coaches also try to blame Coach Miguel as to the reason they didn’t want their kids playing in the middleweights. Coach Miguel is one of the best coaches and my son truly likes him as a coach. I’m sorry if this post offends anyone but all of these coaches complaining should just either A) shut up and move your kids and stop trying to stir shit up or B) suck it up buttercup and let the kids play as I’m sure they aren’t the ones complaining about what league we are in. Remember football is a contact sport and if you want to ensure your kid never gets hurt – there is always tennis , track , etc. Also Daryl was down with Chris Costello and this cliq till he saw what a snake and hypocrit he was and brought him down with a text where he called football team moms hoes and said nasty things about certain football moms. He deserved to be thrown out the way he was. I have no pity for him. WNY was thrown out of pop warner several years ago for cheating in that division. We haven’t had any issues in the league we are in now which is HCYFL until these clowns came in. Glad they are now all leaving – good Riddens

  3. It’s sad that the only thing that should matter is the best interest of the youth, and how a proper recreational program will benefit the youth, and it town. I have also written letters to the commissioner and the director on the on going problems of the weak recreational dept, and how it has no real structure and proper leadership. The West New York township, has the most talented personal in all the surrounding areas., it’s sad to know that we once had pride in our recreation dept, but now West New York is just the punch line of a bad joke. We have coaches, who are willing to sacrifice Family time, countless hours, to simply coach the youth, and all they ask for is so simple to have the city hall support them. The sad part is that WNY is the greatness, most talented, best kids anywhere, but the truth is that the youth is not inportant to the people who were chosen to lead the recreational dept. I don’t get it, how did this town go from a town that once had so much pride, and honor in its youth that we could spare to give the the other towns, to where pride feels like it’s a crime or its looked down. I wonder how does it feel to be a Mayor or the Director of a recreation dept and know that families would rather move to a town just to give their children a chance to be a kid, and a town who atleast gives a damm about the youth.

  4. Jack:

    If you’re gonna tell a story, tell it all. You mention making countless phone calls, but u conveniently leave out the part where Chris was removed for making rude and sexually charged comments via text to some of the football mothers…for example..texting things like he was going to place his (penis) in one of the moms mouth like a hoagie, and that he was going to (have intercourse) with one of the moms sisters to see if she liked it. Of course I cleaned it up a bit but the vulgarities he used are disgusting, disrespectful and unacceptable.

    I won’t even go into the relationship status of Chris and Tiffany at the time… No wonder she was on board. Or wherever she was. She’s a crybaby too. I guess spoiled people like herself don’t know how to deal when their entitlement privileges are taken away. Too bad.

    And why is the lame a$$ chief of staff, Luis involved with this crap anyway? Oh yeah that’s right, he’s useless as chief of staff and instead he keeps himself busy by being Tiffani’s b!tch.

    You all are just pissed off cuz u didn’t get ur way. Take some midol and go cry to someone who cares. All of you roque people are yesterday’s news. All of you.

  5. “Educate yourselves just a little bit???” Who the hell do you think you are?

    Your resignation letter is nothing more than a poor attempt at beating Cmsr Cirillo to the punch because you knew you were getting canned. You condescending POS.

  6. All this pointless comments on why this one is saying this and that. All the back and forth over what was said or didn’t say. It’s looks more like the youth itself has more sense than all the pointless anger, and bitterness, how about the fact the recreation does not take any blame for anything, and is great at passing the buck. Yes!!!! You all can say it the coaching, parents, and the youth who is so hardheaded. The fact are facts They can’t be denied, the mayor chose the leadership to lead the drowning recreation dept, it is clear that if the youth really matters, people would realize that they should stop pointing fingers, and get results. West New York does not have a starting program, so we are Behide on all the towns who help build the youth in sports. We have good players who could be amazing players but the tug a war between coaches and city hall is only hurting the youth. Did all you people realize that west New York does not match up with most towns in skills, we have weak recreational program. Why not focus all the anger and pointing fingers to fixing the problem instead of creating new ones.

  7. I for one could care less who said what and who did what! The whole recreational system in WNY is a joke! Football and baseball included, get rid of them all and get people involved that are truly in love with the sport and care about the children. Nothing runs or is done in a professional manner, and while your at it hire people that speak both Spanish and English. If you haven’t noticed not every parent in WNY speaks Spanish and things are still changing. So listen up WNY officials, get off your butts and start making WNY what it use to be!

  8. Xiomara,
    -By the looks of it, it seems like you know a lot about where Mr.Costello wanted to stick his “hoagie”. My question for you is…is the reason why you’re so mad is because you wish you were one of the mothers he had wanted to sleep with? Just a thought.

    -The last time i checked this was WNY Rec football not the new episode of love and hip hop so I think I speak for a lot of concerned parents when I say I could really care less who Ms.Marcano slept with. That does nothing for me my kid or the program. So whether or not she did or did not sleep with Mr. Costello I really don’t care. Again this makes me question your intentions as I stated in the bullet point above. As far as calling her spoiled and a crybaby again things that have no correlation with the real issue here. To me it seems like you are jealous of Tiffany and may I add it’s not a good look on you.

    -Next, Mr.Baez or as you call him “Tiffany’s bitch” is the chief of staff of West New York. In case you are unaware as to what that means let me educate you, the chief of staff assists the Mayor in oversight and administration of city government. Responsibilities are to help foster good communications and harmonious working relationships with staff, the City Council, the citizens, the business community and local, state and federal governments. So to answer your question as to why is he involved it is because that is his job. If you are unaware of what a job is I will be more than happy to extrapolate.

    So Xiomara I suggest before you go on social media and slander people in who you really dont know, may I add defamation of character is a real thing. This isn’t E! News this is not a gossip site this is about recreation and about the kids. So I suggest you take your love and hip hop attitude somewhere else because it really does nothing for anyone.

  9. All of you complaining about WNY Rec and how bad it is, explain to me how it could be better ? We have a lot of dedicated coaches and every once in a while we get some bad apples as evident from the circus that started this year. Now if you want to compare our program to Union City or North Bergen then realize that those towns have more square footage and more fields to play on so you can’t compare them to us. Union City Rec is even worst, when we played there this year – they wouldn’t let our cheerleaders go center field during half to perform which is something we allow other towns to do when they play in our home. Also the cheer captions and even their cheerleaders were using vulgar language against our cheerleaders. I don’t know what they serving in Union City but I’d stay off from the Koolaid if I ever lived there which I will never. North Bergen has a good program but they usually have North Bergen Referrees to referee peewee games which shouldn’t be allowed as they always get favortism. All of you complaining and stating how bad Cosmo or Jorge are – ask yourselves this question “What can I do to make the program better ” did I volunteer ? Did i or can I donate during the games . It’s easy to critisize from the bleachers and even easier to criticize when you have never even taken a step in to see a game like a Peewee, Lightweights, Middleweight or Heavyweights game. I’m just sick and tired of hearing all these morons complaining and then always blaming the current administration. If you think WNY is so bad – give me a call and I will gladly help you move outta this town asap.

    • Its more than obvious your youth football program is in shambles. Now I see why freshman football was ellimnated at Memorial High School for the first time in decades.

  10. Funny the people making rumors and blaming people that are not around and don’t care to be around to defend them selfs are as someone states love and hip hop slumstars. Let’s go back to William Rodriquez whos son smaller then a child 2 years younger then him as he admitted would be beast on middles. He actually made a better argument then Jack could ever… and the simple fact he’s not educated enough to realize what he just stated He said a child younger then his son but heavier would be beast and be better. His son Willy or fragile willy as we say because each year he has a season ending injury…hmmm is it because he’s getting pouneed to the ground by kids twice his size or maybe he just can’t take a hit. Either way Willy Rodriquez put his foot in his mouth. He spoke of Daryl Boykins who not only slept with his players moms but got busted doing so. Humiliating his wife and leaving to Virginia out of embarrassment. Also failing to mention D. B. was selling prescription drugs to fellow coaches and under the influence always while coaching these kids. Adding insult to injury the person accusing coaches of wanting to give hoagies was the heavys team mom who’s affair unraveled with Gabe the heavys coach in front of all of the town. She also was a key factor in having that heavy coach removed because her lies to her husband was causing distention at home. Far as Miguel Rodriquez no need to debate anyone can opera or ask the former rec department heads about the dozens of complaints that were received about him. Don’t live in a glass house when all your business is public knowledge.

  11. This reply is for Hector Rodriquez. Get your facts straight. Yes my son got hurt 2 years ago but he played the whole season and I can assure you he held his own and made more tackles and touchdowns vs your son. That injury occurred in the final game of the playoff so it wasn’t a big deal and he only needed a soft cast for 2 weeks on his elbow cuz he kept using his elbow to stop his fall. As far as this season , his injury had nothing to do with any tackles. He went for a pass which he caught and due to the little padding on his knee from our cheesy football pants – he went knee for knee against a heavyweight during a practice scrimmage. You wanna call my son Fragile that fine but deep down lets get to the root of this. I know your mad bro that my son is one of the starters over your son. My boy isn’t afraid to take a hit against a bigger kid and he doesn’t cry about it like your son probably does. I can guarantee you that my son has more passion and determination in sports vs your kid and that is because I let him play win or lose . I don’t try to shield him from injuries that can arise from playing football which is a contact sport. You and your goons can keep up with this charade and keep looking at pop warner all you want but at the end of the day – it won’t matter if your son is in Pop Warner or HCYFL – football is football and kids will have injurys. Bro I think your also jealous that my son has more trophys then you and your son combined have ever gotten. Don’t be mad bro, hard work and determination pays off and being a complainer about the program or throwing a fit over not getting what your goons wanted won’t help your cause. I bet it bothered you that my son was a starter and played offense and defense for the previous 2 years in a row while your son played bench. Maybe you should focus on your kid and teaching him how to play better rather than go on this site to state who slept with who and make accusations.

  12. In case anyone wants to know, I don’t have any agenda’s or hostility towards Jack or any of the coaching staff. However, when my name gets mentioned in numerous emails stating that I don’t care about the well being for my son cuz i oppose Pop Warner and said a statement to Franky’s parents that if they are so worried about their son getting hurt playing football then maybe he should play tennis. Just cuz I said something to one parent at a meeting with all the coaches and in front of the commissioner doesn’t give Jack or any coach the right to keep using my name in emails to other parents trying to get people onboard with their agenda. My philosophy is simple – either let your kid play or don’t but stop trying to force your agenda onto others who aren’t complaining about the way the game has always been played.

  13. As Hector Rodriguez’s 15 sec. Of Fame are up, I’d like to step in to…quite frankly, shed light into some gray areas that his ignorant mind might not be aware of. Mr. Hector Rodriguez obviously has no idea of what he speaks of. Although, Mr. Costello’s enthusiasm and good intentions where witnessed by many, and believe by an even bigger amount of parents, there was a very disturbing reality that awaited All those who worked closely with him on this attempt to “ReVamp” the WNY Football Program. Yes, there is no question that many things were done by Mr. Costello and Jack, among others such as D.B. but many are not contesting that there wasn’t work done to improve the program, it’s the lies and ill intentions that were used to achieve it that is the most disheartening. When having some type of position such as Football Coordinator can go to your head. Chris Costello had everyone fooled with his Vibrant smile and his eagerness to help, all the while manipulating words and situations to conveniently make himself to be the victim of defamation, acquiring pity to wiggle his way in and gain favor with Ms.Marcano or anyone who would listen to his sob stories on how his wife was crazy and jealous and obsessive, how his wife would have affairs or how he’s survived Stomach Cancer twice. Yes, he managed to change the look of things but that’s just it….The Look of things! Nothing truly changed it was just replaced by, what at the time was thought to be the lesser of 2 evils. I hold nothing against Ms. Marcano or Mr. Baez, for I believe they too were fooled by his play of words. But let’s not play coy. Costello, along with many he recruited, set out to purposely humiliate The Commissioner. Sending a multitude of fake emails complaining and having others do so as well. Also advising parents with fear based information about how dangerous it would be to have their child play in the WNY football program, all the while lying to parents, saying the program switched to Pop Warner. Having witnessed both Com. Cirillo and Rec.Dir. Gomez walk into ambush meetings that resulted in little getting done adding unnecessary tension to an already frustrating start to the season, I must say it was a matter of time before the Web of lies Costello created would get to big and tangled to keep up with. As the season pursued, and things seemed on the rise, so did many egos.

    Unfortunately for you, Hector Rodriguez, I happen to know the person that was seeing the Heavy Coach Gabe and it was not the Heavy team mom, which by the way was a topic that was cleared up and dismissed rather quickly as both Coach and Team Mom realized that people were going to assume things, being that they all work closely together. In curiosity, I also acquired copies of the text messages sent by Mr. Costello while on his rants and know of a specific parent that he was texting flirtatiously. So you are truly right Hector Rodriguez, he should not have been throwing stones when living in a Glass house he himself made public. This is not about football or the safety of the kids, this is about a vindictive person who didn’t know how to separate his personal life from his work, Sadly!…..Good riddance!!

  14. Hector Rodriguez I really hope its really not you talking about somebody’s child. And for you to accuse someone like Jossy of having an affair is bull****! Even I was accused of sleeping with him. I don’t remember seeing you there at all.Jossy is one of my best friends and I’m disgusted that you would say that about her. The coaches that got removed got removed because of their behavior. Your my fathers friend but at the end of the day Jossy is my friend and I hate when people talk s*** with no basis. Your dragging people into things that have nothing to do with them and then to talk about someone’s child is crazy.Get your facts straight before talking so publicly because now your effecting peoples lives and I’m not feeling that. The darril thing I don’t care about because he’s a loser but that was the only thing you said there that was true because that was something we all saw but your totally out of line with the jossy thing. Have you ever stopped to think for 1 second that our kids mine and Jossy’s could read this bull**** post and believe what you said?! Wow.. I’m shocked you would say something like that. I’m mad as hell I actually voted for you when you were running because I see the type of person you are now. So if I would’ve been the one sleeping with him you would’ve thrown me under the bus too?? Are you Jacks and Chris’s bff now?? Maybe Jack should stop crying like a baby. If he wants to quit just do it without dragging everyone into his crybaby s***. People want to quit because their bend over buddy isn’t there to make rules that will benefit him? Did you see the text messages that got him removed?? No,so again get your facts straight before running your mouth so publicly. You can tell my father I said so too because I don’t care.We all got accused of sleeping with him because the people from WNY like to gossip. That’s exactly why I don’t talk to anybody. All these people are a bunch of hypocrites that wouldn’t dare to say something to anyone’s face. Peoples kids got hurt to the point they had to get surgery and here you are talking about them like they could defend themselves.Remember you also have kids.

  15. So,I was confused about the hector so I take back what I said about him. The hector that is here talking s*** is acting like a scorned wife..Again,get your fact’s straight..

  16. I, like William Rodriguez am attaching my actual name to this and not hiding behind fake names so I can be a keyboard tough guy like the rest of the respondents in this post. That is the only thing I give William Credit for. William, the stuff that comes out of your staggeringly stupid and ignorant mouth is the stuff of legend. If I were you, and thank god I’m not, the only thing I would be letting escape my mouth is smoke.
    I debated long and hard about replying to this and in the end my better judgement lost so here it is. Not a single one of you, NOT ONE, bothered to reply to the ISSUE. Keeping your kids safe. You talk about politics, and hoagies, and this nonsense or that crap. There isn’t a single kid at the rec level who should be subject to the weight disparity’s we see in HCYFL. There’s no reason for it. None of you have obviously bothered to read my 5 page diatribe where I lay it all out using what amounts to super powers these days, reasoning and logic. I state quite clearly that if people like Cosmo and Jorge Gomez are so enamored of their town rivalries and they can’t live without them then sit down with Mike Ascolese and Bill White who run HCYFL and ask them TO MAKE THE LEAGUE SAFER. IT CAN BE DONE, These people CHOOSE NOT TO DO IT. Because they chose not to work at making your kids safer one of the options to that end was going to PopWarner. I’ve never said it’s the ONLY one William,and everyone else on here. William, unknowingly, has clearly outlined for you all why weight classes go a long way in REDUCING injuries, IT WILL NOT ELIMINATE THEM. “My son William got hurt this season at a practice scrimmage going up against the heavyweights where he fractured his tibia and needed surgery to put a screw in.” William, WHY IS YOUR SON PRACTICING AGAINST HEAVYWEIGHTS?!?!?! Here’s an analogy for your teeny weeny brain William and the rest of you. Weight classes will bring make the collisions created in football more “fair” if you will. It’s a contact sport, WE KNOW THIS, but, instead of having a Chevy Suburban hit a Honda Civic hatchback, why not have a Honda Civic hit a f****ng Honda Civic?!?!? WNY is one of the very few towns left around that still play football by age. I know because I was in charge of trying to secure scrimmages for us in the pre-season and time and again the answer I received from the towns I called was, “Oh you’re unlimited? Yeah I’m sorry we can’t play you guys I can’t put my kids in danger like that”. “I can’t put my kids in danger like that” What a responsible human being. Then there is William Rodriguez, “suck it up buttercup and let the kids play as I’m sure they aren’t the ones complaining about what league we are in. Remember football is a contact sport and if you want to ensure your kid never gets hurt – there is always tennis , track , etc.” William pretty much says the exact same thing that Mike Ascolese told me IN PERSON “Penny”, and comments like that make them cold heartless b******* in my book. So, yet again, Watch “A League of Denial” FREE on PBS.org if it doesn’t sway you to either keep your kids safer in the sport or keep them away from it all together then our youth are going to pay the price for your lack of reasoning and logic. Oh by the way “Ricky” Cosmo Cirillo and his puppet Jorge Gomez, had 6 weeks from the end of the season in October until I tendered my resignation on December 18th to can me. Even the town of WNY wouldn’t take that long to dismiss me “Ricky” 😀

  17. There is so much politically I would like to comment on, but personally knowing about all the repulsive comments made by C. Costello, takes precedence. Mr. Costello seriously thinks that the dimples on his fat swollen face can swoon people. Little does he know, his lies become more and more transparent with each breath he takes telling them. People start to see right through his bull. To go as far as to LIE and say he is a Cancer survivor living with a psychopathic stalking, jealous wife (mother of his blood children, mind you) is downright evil. I accidentally met his wife and she is a very beautiful and reserved woman. I wish I could have told her what I (and many others) think and know about her husband, but I didnt want her to think I was trying to tarnish their relationship for my personal gain, as I admit, im nowhere near as attractive as she is. Im sure if she truly knew what her husband is all about, she would drop him and run so far away. The way he talked to some of the moms, is just repulsive. He is a total bigot and he should be called out by everyone that had such grotesque encounters with him.