West New York Parking Authority responds to viral video exposing parking meter glitch


The West New York Parking Authority has released a statement responding to a viral video that hit Facebook last week, with now over 36,000 views, exposing a parking meter glitch. 

“The West New York Parking Authority (WNYPA) has been made aware of a recent video showing a software glitch in Meter #BL-137 near 59th street. We are actively investigating this situation and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible,” the WNYPA wrote on their website.

“The video depicts the meter’s timer shifting to 1 minute after hitting the 15 minute mark. This is an unprecedented situation, and the WNYPA apologizes for the inconvenience. A meter bag has been placed over Meter #BL-137 to disable it until the investigation is finalized. WNYPA is working to resolve this situation as soon as possible to restore parking operations to normal function.”

The agency also said that the issue, which was posted by Facebook by user John Jamie on Friday, was immediately reported to IPS – the company who owns the meters – “for further analysis” while the WNYPA performs further checks on other meters.

“Wny parking authority is out here finessing everyone. I wonder how many people got a fine from this? Share to save a life. Explicit language,” Jamie wrote on the Facebook post accompanying the six minute and 22 second video.

“Oh look at that magic! What the f*** was that!,” Jamie exclaims in the video when the meter skips from 16 minutes down to one minute.

According to the WNYPA, users who have experienced this glitch, or other similar programming errors in a West New York parking meter, are encouraged to contact WNYPA offices at (201) 295-1575 or info@wnypanj.com.

Since the board of commissioners voted to conduct a study on whether or not to dissolve the parking authority in June, the WNYPA has announced a repaving and restriping program and has revamped their website.

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