West New York parent, counselor allege complete disarray at day camp program


A parent with a child in the West New York recreation department’s day camp program, as well a camp counselor, voiced their discontent to the Board of Commissioners regarding the way things are being run this year during the public portion of yesterday’s meeting. 


Sandra Ramirez, who spoke in Spanish and had a translator, told Cosmo Cirillo, the Commissioner of Public Affairs (which includes the rec department), that she was very disappointed with the way the pickup and drop off processes were being handled.

Cirillo admitted that the first couple days of camp were hectic, but he felt those issues were quickly remedied.

Vincent Felipe followed by stating the program supervisors are either unwilling, or incapable, of running the camp – causing many children to complain they are unhappy – also claiming that certain extracurricular activities advertised are not offered.

Felipe also began to read a letter counselors had written for the board, dated yesterday, but his time during the public portion of the meeting expired before he could finish.

The letter, which has been obtained by Hudson County View,  also alleges complete disorganization during the lunch time, as well as that counselors who “were hired because of connections give off more negative vibes toward the children adding to the negative recreation environment.”

Cirillo, who earlier stated the recreation staff was cut nearly in half compared to last year, said he was proud of the counselors for their hard work and he plans to make sure the remaining four-and-a-half weeks of the program are a success.

Here is a copy of the letter:

WNY rec letter1WNY rec letter2

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  1. There was a reason Nicole Defino was removed from that program last year. Unfortunately the new administration has no choice but to clean up her mess as they have often dine in the past and she allowed to remain because the Mayor and commissioners are either scared because she has something on one or some of them or just don’t care enough about the kids. She allowed drugs and alcohol around the children at the most recent cheer competition in Wildwood. Even a personal friend of hers and coach was inappropriate around the underage cheer girls urinating in a beer bottle while there hotel door room was open. When Nicole was asked why she allowed what went on in Wildwood to take place her response was I wasn’t getting paid while down there.Disgusting is the only word that comes to thought.

  2. Shocker…the cheer program has there own facility and priority to the snacks and meals. Really are you guys that blind. It’s the same reason they are the only program allowed to charge registration fees. The same program that mooches off another programs award dinner each year even though they collect there own donations and concessions at most of the other programs. It’s almost like all other rec programs are feeder programs to Nicoles cheers program. She’s all out of vacation time Vilma she knew her time was up but somehow this new commish has revived her for the umpteenth time. It’s real easy now no more days off for remainder of year if so do it legitimately. It’s like Al Capone who broke every law under the sun they eventually got him on tax evasion.

  3. Why is Nicole Defino allowed to do what ever and risk our children constantly. My daughters and her friends will not ever take part again. She needs to get fired. But no one gets fired in WNY even for no working or fraud in this town. Look how they steals from the Parking Authority all these years and nothing and no one goes off to jails.

  4. Wow this is just crazy and ridiculous to day the very least! I would love to know who the counselor is talking about sexual acts with a certain male in front of kids!!! This is not right and totally unacceptable! Wow things are getting crazy especially when there are to many children taking care of children…. Smh

  5. It all starts from the top. When you have a mayor who has standards in the gutter, the rest of the town follows.

    Disgusting. If we had a decent administration and if people were hired and appointed based on their qualifications rather than their personal and political ,connections, this would not happen. Looks like these people are no more qualified for their jobs than Roque is to be mayor.

    How disgusting that the safety of children is compromised, not to mention their enjoyment — all because of dirty politics.

    Soon West NY will sink so low it will be at the bottom of the river.