West New York Mayor Roque’s son working in county full-time for $27k


Joseph Roque, the son of West New York Mayor Felix Roque, is earning $27,257 as a seasonal employee of the Hudson County Department of Roads and Public Property.

Joe Roque

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

After Hudson County View first reported that Joe Roque had received a government job, we filed an Open Public Records Act Request (OPRA) yesterday to find out his job title, salary, job responsibilities and date of hire.

Then, this morning, county spokesman Jim Kennelly called stating that he had all the information relevant to the request.

Joe Roque began work on Monday, July 20 as “a season assistant performing clerical duties” and will be working in Department Director Harold “Buddy” Demellier’s office, Kennelly said.

Caught in the middle of his father’s federal hacking trial in late 2013, where authorities alleged that the Roque’s conspired before hacking Recallroque.com, Felix Roque was acquitted of all charges.

On the other hand, Joe Roque was convicted of computer hacking, a misdemeanor offense, and was sentenced to one year probation, 100 hours community service and a $2,500 fine in February 2014 (h/t Cliffview Pilot).

Less than one full month after winning re-election on May 12, the West New York mayor was caught in another scandal when the state Attorney General’s Office charged him with accepting $250,000 in a bribery/kickback scheme with a medical imaging company.

Felix Roque pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday.

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  1. This is how they avoid tests for county positions. They hire seasonals which require no test. And once a county employee, they simply change their title to full time or even a supervisor position. Just like they did with freeholder romanos kid.