West New York completes 63rd Street Parking Lot Green Infrastructure Project


The Town of West New York has completed their 63dd Street Parking Lot Green Infrastructure Project in time for the new year, adding six new parking spaces and aiming to remove 230,000 gallons of floodwater from the area annually.

West New York Parking Utility Executive Director Amiris Perez and Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez at the new 63rd Street Parking Lot Infrastructure Project. Photo courtesy of the Town of West New York.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“My administration has been laser focused on adding more parking for West New York residents and for our local businesses, and this newly renovated 63rd Street Parking Lot is the latest example of the commitment we made to address our parking needs,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

“The addition of these six new parking spaces right in the heart of our Bergenline Avenue
shopping district will mean more customers for our small businesses and better quality of life for our residents, and the fact that we were also able to leverage green technology to reduce flooding in the area makes this a true win-win for West New York.”

West New York is building new parking garages through public-private partnerships, implementing parking striping to more efficiently use existing spaces, adopting angled parking to add more parking inventory and reclaiming illegal loading zones, along with expired handicap parking spaces.

The goal in mind is to add as many new parking spaces as possible to benefit the community at large, according to West New York Parking Utility Executive Director Amiris Perez.

“Parking is a challenge in every densely populated, urban municipality but here in West New York we are taking real action to solve this problem thanks to the leadership of Mayor Rodriguez and the Board of Commissioners,” she added.

“The bold steps that Mayor Rodriguez and his team are taking will mean hundreds of additional parking spaces for West New York residents.”

The project is funded by a grant from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) with financing from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust and is the first of its kind in Hudson County.

The new surface will naturally filter stormwater through the earth, therefore reducing the impact on the sewer system and minimizing the need for processing and chemical treatments.

Additionally, the improved drainage will also reduce standing water and ice, resulting in improved safety conditions.

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